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>Look at the man, Alex states, "I am Alex Hawk, might I ask what you name 
>is please?"
>"Names Vesper, the fey call me the Fury, Though they are handling that role currently."
She asks, "You appear to be a knight. What kind of knight are you? There is a group of knights in North America who can form swords with their mind. Are you one of them? The ring is similar to one a dear lost friend carried, may the Virgin have taken his soul."

While waiting on this knight to answer, Alex will turn towards the English Knight, "I believe you are an honorable man. Is there any assurances that you can give I will not be crucified by your king for the misunderstanding?" 

ooc: Might be good to give a description of Alex. She is dressed in a set of lightweight Coalition body armor in camouflage.  Going to assume she has taken off her helmet. About five foot seven inches tall, she has a pony tail on the helm. She is fairly pale skinned with bright red hair cut fairly short. There is the remnants of bright red lipstick on.

[Vesper] "The fey have knighted me but, I am more sorceror and a Lord from the Courts. I am not a cyberknight though I do know this ring is to show those whoe were the allies of a noble and great warrior of that order who fell recently. If you recognize this ring then you are the ones I seek, and I shall let you keep it in memory of your friend. You look to have a great fondness in your memories for him." He looked to her armor, "Are you a soldier in the Coalition army Miss Hawk? being unsure of her marital status.  "I recognize the armor."

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