[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate - and a little more

Ted Smythe ted_smythe at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 3 16:43:53 UTC 2011

OOC: I suppose a physical description of Ted is also due. 

Ted looks
like a Palladium lizard man to the uneducated, complete with brown scaly skin,
large, dark eyes under slight ridges and a low, flat skull. Lately, he wears black
leather boots, a black leather belt, medium brown trousers and a green cotton
shirt under a dark brown robe with a hood long enough to obscure his reptilian
features. He has a yellow, forked tongue. A variety of scars crisscross his
head, face, chest, hands and arms. He carries a broadsword and an energy rifle.

--- On Wed, 11/2/11, Kitsune <kitsunefx at netzero.net> wrote:
ooc: Might be good to give a description of Alex. She is dressed in
    a set of lightweight Coalition body armor in camouflage.  Going to
    assume she has taken off her helmet. About five foot seven inches
    tall, she has a pony tail on the helm. She is fairly pale skinned
    with bright red hair cut fairly short. There is the remnants of
    bright red lipstick on.
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