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"What brings you here, sir knight?" the lizard man inquires. Hewears black leather boots, a black leather belt, medium brown trousers and a green cotton shirt under a dark brown robe with a hood long enough to obscure his reptilian features. Brown scales cover his body. He has a yellow, forked tongue. A variety of scars crisscross his head, face, chest, hands and arms.
OOC: There! Worked my description into the narrative.

My interest's lay in opposing Lord Splyncrytth's push here or atleast learning why he is chosing to do so at this time. On a less personal not the fey told me that if I headed this way I would meet with a group who would recognize the ring and should seek to join with them. Fey at the best of times tend to be a little vague, but I think that they view your group as one of the ones who can help oppose the splugorths forces. I would think a true army is needed to stop what is occuring but maybe you all posses something or are destined to defeat this attack."
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