[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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>> [Koba]
>> "It's up to you Alex." Koba says. "These do seem like good people,
>> though."
>> [/Koba]

>> [GM]
>> The lead knight is at the end of his patience. "We wait no longer.
>> Lady Alex, I leave your next move in your hands."
>> With that he orders his men to pick up the stretchers and make all
>> haste for the forest's edge, which he judges to be due west. With
>> military precision his men do as they are commanded and start
>> moving out.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "With your assurances, sir knight, I will take a chance," Alex
> responds.
> Her eyes will lock onto his eyes. She will get her gear ready to
> travel.
> Her movements are more casual, as a scout, but still cautious are
> careful
> [/Alex]

The knight seems to be in earnest.  His face is lined with many cares, 
but still, Alex feels that here is a good man.

> [Vesper]
> "Were going now fair ones, we shall tarry no longer in your woods
> and make our way, away from here."
> [/Vesper]

"So be it, Fury." the Faerie voices say.  "Head north-west, and you 
shall soon find yourselves beyond our lands."

OOC: Since both Ted and Justin's players have already shown support for 
going to New Camelot, I'm going to make a safe assumption that everyone 
is now in accord.  Vesper is going to need to retrieve his belongings, 
but I'll assume he does that as everyone heads out.

The party and their knight companions are quickly underway, picking 
their way through the trees in the direction that the faeries had 
commanded. With some relief, they hear the sounds of the faeries recede, 
heading it seems southward and away from the company.

After perhaps fifteen minutes, more weapons' fire can be heard to the 
west.  It's some distance, but not that far away, perhaps half a mile or so.

And then quite suddenly there is a whistle.  The knight shouts 
"Something's coming our way! Find cover!"

The sound of a vehicle can be heard approaching and then in the distance 
headlights can be seen.  Somewhere someone shouts out "Halt!  Identify 

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