[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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>> [GM]
>> One of the knights leans over to Justin. "The man calling out is
>> one of ours, I think." he says. "If I'm reading it right, one of
>> ours is spotted intruders." As he says this, he eases back like
>> Alex and Ted, weapon at the ready.
>> The oncoming vehicle lurches to halt perhaps twenty feet away, its
>> headlights illuminating the forest. Another voice shouts out, this
>> one very nervous, but in a somewhat aristocratic English accent.
>> "Do not shoot! It is I, the Baron of New Bournemouth! We are
>> fleeing Kittani invaders!"
>> The commanding knight shouts out "Alright, Baron. But we have to
>> confirm your identity, so could you and anybody with you step out
>> of the vehicle, hands in the air?"
>> The knight then motions to everyone, "Keep weapons trained. This
>> could be a trap." He stands up and begins walking towards the
>> vehicle.
>> It's at that moment that someone else whispers "Do you hear that?"
>> In the distance can be heard a buzzing sound. It is quickly
>> recognized as some sort of hover cycles, maybe four or five hundred
>> feet away.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> Justin crouches a bit, then jumps over 60' straight up into the air.
> At the apex, he'll look in the direction of the buzzing noise. If
> the hovercycles are Splugorth, he'll quick-draw his cannon and shoot
> at the lead hovercycle.
> [/Justin]

The hovercycles certainly look like Kittani vehicles.  Justin fires at 
the lead vehicle [Strike: 23], and though it tries to dodge [Dodge: 8], 
the shot broadsides it [Damage: 50MD].  The Skycycle is damaged, to 
still airborne, and it and its companion veer off and race westward at a 
high rate of speed.

> [Alex]
> The red haired scout will be extremely cautious but ready to offer
> support if needed.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper was surprised at Justin suddenly rocketing up but awaits to
> see what happens. Bringing out his rifle and switching the safety
> off. Using the energy field as a shield wall.
> [/Vesper]

As Justin rockets into the stratosphere, the rest of the company can 
clearly see two men get out of the vehicle. One is dressed in Triax 
armor.  The other man is in what looks to be very high-end knight-styled 
armor, which looks to have been polished very recently, and shows little 
sign of use..  The visor is up and the man looks to be rather portly, 
and somewhat too big for his armor.

The man in the Triax armor says in well-spoken English, but with a 
definite European accent, that sounds German to those familiar with such 
accents; "Heads up, chaps! We've got a couple of fliers coming in 
overhead, about four hundred feet up. There were a pair of Kittani 
fliers after us just before we entered the forest, just FYI."

The man in the shiny knight's armor looks nervously around.  There's a 
quiver in his voice still, and beads of sweat visible on his brow.  "As 
you can plainly see, I am the Baron." he says finally.  "And this is 
Osmar Wolz, a guest of mine who saved my life when it is certain I would 
have been killed or captured by the Kittani."

> [Justin]
> After his shot, gravity proceeds to run its course, dropping him
> neatly back to the spot he just vacated on the ground.
> [/Justin]

The rest of the company hears the Skycycles recede into the distance, 
for whatever reason deciding to withdraw rather than enter combat.

OOC: Now would be a good time to introduce our newest player, Karl 
Prosek (probably not THE Karl Prosek, but perhaps a relative?) who is 
playing the German-sounding character.  I'll let him continue play here 
on his own and he can introduce himself.

The lead knight confirms, "Aye boys, you can put down your weapons. 
This is the Baron alright."  He turns back to the Baron and bows 
slightly.  "Many apologies, Your Lordship, but we've been through one 
helluva lot.  Our men our injured, and among us are friends who need 
assistance, so we request permission to make our way back to the Keep at 
New Bournemouth."

The knight turns to the fellow that the Baron named as Osmar Wolz.  "You 
have a vehicle, sir.  May I request that you take some of our most 
injured with you?  It will allow us to move at a much faster pace."

Even as he speaks, there's a low-pitched rumble coming from overhead, 
this time it sounds very far overhead.  It is too dark to see what it 
is, but it seems to be coming straight in this direction.

Aaron Clausen
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