[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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>> [GM]
>> As Justin rockets into the stratosphere, the rest of the company
>> can clearly see two men get out of the vehicle. One is dressed in
>> Triax armor. The other man is in what looks to be very high-end
>> knight- styled armor, which looks to have been polished very
>> recently, and shows little sign of use.. The visor is up and the
>> man looks to be rather portly, and somewhat too big for his armor.
>> The man in the Triax armor says in well-spoken English, but with a
>> definite European accent, that sounds German to those familiar
>> with such accents; "Heads up, chaps! We've got a couple of fliers
>> coming in overhead, about four hundred feet up. There were a pair
>> of Kittani fliers after us just before we entered the forest, just
>> FYI."
>> The man in the shiny knight's armor looks nervously around.
>> There's a quiver in his voice still, and beads of sweat visible on
>> his brow. "As you can plainly see, I am the Baron." he says
>> finally. "And this is Osmar Wolz, a guest of mine who saved my life
>> when it is certain I would have been killed or captured by the
>> Kittani."
>> [/GM]

>>> [Justin]
>>> After his shot, gravity proceeds to run its course, dropping him
>>> neatly back to the spot he just vacated on the ground.
>>> [/Justin]

>> [GM]
>> The rest of the company hears the Skycycles recede into the
>> distance, for whatever reason deciding to withdraw rather than
>> enter combat.
>> The lead knight confirms, "Aye boys, you can put down your
>> weapons. This is the Baron alright." He turns back to the Baron and
>> bows slightly. "Many apologies, Your Lordship, but we've been
>> through one helluva lot. Our men our injured, and among us are
>> friends who need assistance, so we request permission to make our
>> way back to the Keep at New Bournemouth."
>> The knight turns to the fellow that the Baron named as Osmar Wolz.
>> "You have a vehicle, sir. May I request that you take some of our
>> most injured with you? It will allow us to move at a much faster
>> pace."
>> Even as he speaks, there's a low-pitched rumble coming from
>> overhead, this time it sounds very far overhead. It is too dark to
>> see what it is, but it seems to be coming straight in this
>> direction.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The truck's driver nods at the knight. His armor was matte black,
> obviously used and well maintained, with snaps and buttons on the
> numerous belts and attachments instead of velcro. To those familiar
> with such things, the Triax scout armor has clearly been designed to
> blend in with the night and for maximum stealth.
> The man identified as Osmar Wolz was packing an absolutely huge
> handgun (a Triax version of the NG-45LP) on his right hip and a pump
> pistol (a TX-5) in a holster on his chest. He also has a number of
> belts and pouches strapped about his person, no doubt filled with
> all manner of useful and deadly items.
> "Of course, Sir Knight. We can take as many as six more, if they can
> all sit up, or two if we need to put stretchers in the rear." His
> voice has a thick European accent, but his English was fluent and
> showed signs of having been learned in New Camelot.
> Oz looks up before the sound reaches unassisted ears, then turns
> back to the knights once everyone can hear. "We should hurry, Sirs. I
> am sure we do not want to be here when whatever that is arrives."
> [/Oz]

The Baron does not look terribly happy about this. "Do you mean I have 
to walk?" he asks miserably. "It's at least ten miles!"

Louissa shakes her head, but decides it's better not to insult local 

The knights ignore the Baron and begin loading up the most wounded.

> [Alex]
> Alex looks to see if anything is visible with night vision?
> [/Alex]

Whatever it is is a long ways up, perhaps 20,000 feet, but the heat 
signature suggests a triangular shape, perhaps 60 or 70 feet long with a 
wingspan somewhere around 50 feet. There's a slight ripple in the heat 
signature and then she sees a clear flaring, possibly from something 
rocket-powered, and it's heading their way very quickly.

Aaron Clausen
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