[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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> The rest of the company hears the Skycycles recede into the distance, 
> for whatever reason deciding to withdraw rather than enter combat. 

> Even as he speaks, there's a low-pitched rumble coming from overhead, 
> this time it sounds very far overhead. It is too dark to see what it 
> is, but it seems to be coming straight in this direction. 

> Whatever it is is a long ways up, perhaps 20,000 feet, but the heat 
> signature suggests a triangular shape, perhaps 60 or 70 feet long with a 
> wingspan somewhere around 50 feet. There's a slight ripple in the heat 
> signature and then she sees a clear flaring, possibly from something 
> rocket-powered, and it's heading their way very quickly. 

> OOC: Those with Sixth Sense have alarm bells ringing in their heads. 

Justin lands easily, with about the degree of reaction of a normal human having jumped three feet. "The skycycles were definitely Kittani, I nailed one, and they both bugged out." He looks towards the sound of the jet rumble, using his armor's optics "Now though, I'm wondering whether they were running from me, or running for minimum safe distance. I'm not inclined to stick around to find out. I can carry a man or two if necessary, but I think we ought to move, right now." 

OOC: For our newcomers, Justin sounds vaguely British, though no one from Britain would be able to pinpoint his actual accent. He's above average height, and is wearing what looks like a modern interpretation of Japanese Samurai armor, with very intricate engravings all over it. For those who could recognize such a thing, he's wearing Japanese SAMAS, with the wings and thruster pack chopped off, with a couple extra missile racks added, and a LOT of very intricate decorative engravings done. For those who can see auras, he's 100% human, high PPE but not a magic user, not sick and medium-strength psionics. His aura does have one anomaly, it's unusually orderly and uniform, it doesn't waver or flow, at all. He's armed with a vibro-katana on his belt, the particle-beam cannon that goes with the SAMAS armor, and what looks like a tonfa-style police baton. In place of the missing thruster pack is a large backpack, and he's accompanied by two VERY large dogs (like a Siberian Husky, but each about 200 pounds) wearing plate & chain wardog barding. Like Justin, the dogs (for those who can see such a thing) are not supernatural, though they have unusually uniform auras (especially for animals). 
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