[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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OOC: Oy!  What's happened to my players????

>> [Little Girl/Thing]
>> "I know what any prisoner would know about her fellow prisoners."
>> the girl answers, still giggling. "The Grimla'ar enjoys playing
>> with its food before it eats it, and this Grimla'ar has been
>> without food or toys for a very long time."
>> She sits down and begins playing with her hair.
>> "I have said I would help you. These others, they do not interest
>> me, and do not need me, so I have no desire to intervene on their
>> behalf."
>> [/Little Girl/Thing]

>>>> [Louissa]
>>>> Louissa shouts "What do we do? If we shoot into the pool we
>>>> might hit them?"
>>>> [/Louissa]

>> [Alex]
>> To the blade she asks, "Curious, could eat the soul of that thing
>> and kill it."
>> At the same time, she is thinking 'Boy am I insane.'
>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> The blade responds without words, but Alex feels a warm, approving
>> feeling all over her body. It's literally all she can do to stop
>> herself from leaping at the creature right then and there.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Justin]
>>> Justin will bite a valve in the mouthpiece of his armor, flooding
>>> a resonance chamber in the helmet. He'll then quip to Frost
>>> "That didn't quite work the way I envisioned. So, any bright
>>> ideas?"
>>> Justin will try his strength against that of the tentacle. It's
>>> worth a shot, after all. If that fails, he'll manifest a
>>> Psi-Sword and start sawing at the tentacle.
>>> [/Justin]

>> [GM]
>> Justin feels the tentacle give slightly, but not enough. As strong
>> as he and the armor are, the tentacle is that much more. The
>> psi-sword cuts into the tentacle, and more of the dark blue liquid
>> pours out of new wounds, and he feels the tentacle's hold weaken,
>> but he can now make out the bottom approaching, covered in slime
>> and filth. He and Frost will likely strike the bottom before he can
>> really damage the tentacle...
>> Meanwhile, above, there is chaos, as knights, along with the new
>> stranger, the Wolfen priest rush to the edge of the pool.
>> The priest shouts, "If they cannot free themselves, then we must
>> go after them!"
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Alex ties her line to the rail and jumps into the water, brandishing
> her blade to stab at the creature. [Strike: 13]
> "This might help?"
> [/Alex]

The knife finds its target in part of the main body, despite the fact 
that Alex's vision is largely obscured by the inky water.  At first Alex 
feels nothing, as the knife seems to try to worm its way into the thick 
hide of the creature.  And then, she feels something like an electric 
shock, only more sustained.  Her body is in pure agony.

Everyone else sees the water beginning to literally boil.  The creature 
flings its tentacles far and wide, smashing the stone of the cavern 
floor to rubble.  One of the tentacles flings itself at Ted [Strike: 
13], and Ted is unable to leap out of the way [Dodge: 12], and is flung 
against a wall some thirty feet away [Damage: 8 SDC from impact].

Another tentacle flings itself towards Louissa [Strike: 15], but she 
manages to leap out of the way [Dodge: 16].

For Lady Frost and Justin, for a few moments they feel the tentacles 
strengthening their grip, but then the tentacles start to spasm, and in 
an instant the two are released.  They can see strange streaks of black 
surrounding the blackness whipping around the vast body of the creature, 
as its color seems to begin changing to a ashen grey.  The water around 
them begins to bubble and they are literally lifted up to the surface of 
the pool.

After a few more moments the tentacles and body, now completely ashen 
grey, completely surface.  Standing atop the body is Alex, her eyes 
fiercely lit, her red hair flowing as if in a fierce wind.  In her hand 
is her knife, its runes glowing as bright as her eyes.  Her entire body 
seems lit with a fiery halo.

The wolfen priest makes the sign of the cross over his chest.

[Little Girl/Thing]
The little girl falls on her face.  "Make its mind go away!  Make its 
mind go away!"
[/Little Girl/Thing]

"I say let's get the hell out of here!" Louissa says, looking in wonder 
at Alex.

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