[Taocow PBEM] Synopsis - October 13, 2011

Aaron Clausen mightymartianca at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 20:03:44 UTC 2011

As promised, a bit of a synopsis.

It is January 30th, 100 PA.  Twelve days before, the company had 
narrowly escaped the Splugorth minions off the coast of Africa after 
finding an old submarine.  With Koba's help, it was powered up, and two 
people who had been in suspended animation, the elf Arsandel and 
Lieutenant Emma Atta, the sole surviving crewmember.

With her aid they made their way north to England, but the submarine was 
attacked and sank, and it was only with the aid of Sir Justin Ichijo, 
that they were able to make it to the surface.  There they were again 
attacked by Kittani and Splugorth slavers, and made it ashore.

Alex and Louissa split off to explore the beach, and came upon a village 
that had been destroyed by the Splugorth minions and their allies.  The 
rest of the company met several Knights of New Camelot.

Meanwhile Alex and Louissa found their way back in sight of the rest of 
the company, but confusing the knights of New Camelot for enemies, Alex 
fired on them.

Then the company and the Knights were attacked from the air by Kittani, 
and at that same time the elf Arsandel summoned a mighty demon. 
Arsandel seemed to be commanding the demon with an iron ring, but it was 
cut off by Koba, the ring taken by one of the company.

Lady Frost literally fell out of the sky (everyone assumed that she had 
been lost in the Temple of Rath-Iren weeks before), and aided in the 
destruction of the demon.  Still many were injured, and Osiris Blake was 

With the aid of two mysterious dwarfs, they took cover from the Kittani 
assault in an underground cavern.  The dwarfs left it in some sort of 
dimensional gate.  While this was going on, Ted wandered off and found a 
prison cell occupied by an old woman.  When the rest of the company went 
looking for him, they found a little girl claiming that Ted was going to 
hurt her.  Ultimately Justin revealed that the little girl was in fact 
some sort of multi-tentacled alien entity, which Ted promptly released 
because it claimed it could save him from his illness.

Everyone met up again in the main chamber, only to find themselves being 
attacked by a very angry giant squid-thing.  Justin and Lady Frost were 
caught in its tentacles, but Alex, with her mysterious knife, managed to 
slay the squid thing, though it had a peculiar effect on her, making her 
glow like a nuclear reactor.

Aaron Clausen
mightymartianca at gmail.com

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