[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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OOC: Sorry about the delays.  I've been waiting for posts that did not 
come, and I've literally had an avalanche of interest for new player 
slots, and actually have four in private play, though when I'll join 
them up I'm not sure yet... At any rate, I'm going to move this right along.

>> [GM]
>> The knife finds its target in part of the main body, despite the
>> fact that Alex's vision is largely obscured by the inky water. At
>> first Alex feels nothing, as the knife seems to try to worm its way
>> into the thick hide of the creature. And then, she feels something
>> like an electric shock, only more sustained. Her body is in pure
>> agony.
>> Everyone else sees the water beginning to literally boil. The
>> creature flings its tentacles far and wide, smashing the stone of
>> the cavern floor to rubble. One of the tentacles flings itself at
>> Ted [Strike: 13], and Ted is unable to leap out of the way [Dodge:
>> 12], and is flung against a wall some thirty feet away [Damage: 8
>> SDC from impact].
>> Another tentacle flings itself towards Louissa [Strike: 15], but
>> she manages to leap out of the way [Dodge: 16].
>> For Lady Frost and Justin, for a few moments they feel the
>> tentacles strengthening their grip, but then the tentacles start to
>> spasm, and in an instant the two are released. They can see strange
>> streaks of black surrounding the blackness whipping around the vast
>> body of the creature, as its color seems to begin changing to a
>> ashen grey. The water around them begins to bubble and they are
>> literally lifted up to the surface of the pool.
>> After a few more moments the tentacles and body, now completely
>> ashen grey, completely surface. Standing atop the body is Alex, her
>> eyes fiercely lit, her red hair flowing as if in a fierce wind. In
>> her hand is her knife, its runes glowing as bright as her eyes. Her
>> entire body seems lit with a fiery halo.
>> The wolfen priest makes the sign of the cross over his chest.
>> [/GM]

>> [Little Girl/Thing]
>> The little girl falls on her face. "Make its mind go away! Make
>> its mind go away!"
>> [/Little Girl/Thing]

>> [Louissa]
>> "I say let's get the hell out of here!" Louissa says, looking in
>> wonder at Alex.
>> [/Louissa]

> [Ted]
> Ted shakes off the impact and rushes the creature again.
> [/Ted]

By the time Ted reaches it, it appears to be dead, or at least injured 
beyond all ability to do more harm.  The little girl is still screaming 
behind Ted.

> [Alex]
> Once she gets out of the water, Alex signs herself as well. "This is
> strange."
> The wilderness scout shakes her head several times. "Is everybody
> alright?"
> [/Alex]

Everyone seems to be relatively intact, even Justin and Lady Frost, 
though nerves are frayed.

Louissa's advice seems best, and the knights and the company move out, 
leaving the Dwarf cave behind them.

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