[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate - and a little more

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> And then, quite suddenly, in the midst of their debate, a figure walks 
> out of the bush with a hoverbike. He is dressed in what looks to be 
> leather armor dyed black, plated with bone to add extra-protection as 
> well as for style. His helm is made of a gurgoyle skull with horns 
> stretching back from it. The eyesockets have red goggle like 
> coverings. His hoverbike was done in forest camouflage. 

> He holds a white strip of cloth so as to show his wish to speak and 
> not battle. "Hello Ladies, and Knights, I come to speak though I am 
> unsure if indeed you are the ones I am to speak with." He looks to 
> each of them. 

OOC: Our new player, I presume? 

Justin answers the stranger "I hope so, as your only other options locally are some royally pissed off fairies and the armed forces of Lord Splynncryth. And to offer a small, helpful correction, the female form of Knight is Dame. Lady is a lower rank." 

In a lowered tone aside to Alex "He's lucky we know what a white flag is, that's not multiversally adopted. In some places, that's how you declare a blood feud." 

OOC: Calling someone a title below their rank can be an insult. A mixed greeting like that can be as well. I mean, would you address a gathering of armed individuals as "Gentlemen and Whores"? Lady equates to Gentleman, not Knight. A Gentleman is a non-noble of wealth, a step below a Squire. Even the poorest Knight stands two social steps (or more, depending on local structures) above a Gentleman (and what is two steps below a Gentleman? A criminal). 
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