[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate - and a little more

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> "Not as if I am not already hunted," states Alex. "The Coalition would 
> be sure to execute me if I ever tried to go home. Just because it was an 
> ambush designed to take out my entire unit because we pissed off a 
> senior officer does not matter." 

> "If a mercenary was to kill a Coalition officer, even if it was a 
> misunderstanding, they would be executed," she continues. "Most king pot 
> kingdoms would be similar. Kind of impossible to be rescued if you are 
> executed." 

> She pauses for a few moments before look at the others, "In the 
> Coalition, the soldiers would usually explain friendly fire incidents 
> as acts of the enemy without going into details. Most families would 
> rather hear that their relatives died in combat anyway." 

"I could probably sneak you into the Emperor's bedroom to explain your side, though getting out again could be a bit exciting. It would be arguably easier to kidnap him first, come to think of it. Given how much the Coalition is rumored to hate magic, it's a fair bet they don't have wards capable of containing a God." 

He pauses, then continues: 

"You shouldn't judge every nation by the standards of a fascist one. Monarchies run through quite a range of moralities, from your Coalition to truly constitutional ones with the King or Emperor merely as a figurehead for a democracy. My own homeland is a monarchy, and even more absolute than the Coalition States, but even there, the King takes his oaths as a Knight very seriously. Deliberate injustice is very uncommon there, the last crooked magistrate took over a year to die. Those who take oaths seriously tend to REALLY dislike oathbreakers." 
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