[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter V - The Debate

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>> [GM]
>> One of the knights shakes his head. "It is as Sir Justin says,
>> m'lady. The Coalition we know mainly be reputation, though it is
>> little enough different in its philosophies than the New German
>> Republic. But our King is a man of justice, and I truly cannot see
>> how you would be imprisoned when the full tale was told."
>> The knight thinks for a moment. "We can tarry no longer, and must
>> be to New Camelot this very hour. Therefore, I will declare this,
>> though it likely exceeds my authority. I shall charge that you are
>> free for one month in the lands of New Camelot, but that you must,
>> if you wish to remain any longer than that, seek out His Grace,
>> King Arr'thu, for his pardon and leave."
>> "Will this suffice?" he asks. "That way you can make your own way
>> under no immediate threat, and those that travel with you shall not
>> be traveling with a wanted woman."
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> (to Alex) "That alone is a good sign. Tin pot dictators don't, as a
> rule, give their minions that sort of discretionary authority."
> [/Justin]

OOC: Hopefully Alex will respond to this offer!


>>>> [GM]
>>>> And then, quite suddenly, in the midst of their debate, a
>>>> figure walks out of the bush with a hoverbike. He is dressed in
>>>> what looks to be leather armor dyed black, plated with bone to
>>>> add extra-protection as well as for style. His helm is made of
>>>> a gurgoyle skull with horns stretching back from it. The
>>>> eyesockets have red goggle like coverings. His hoverbike was
>>>> done in forest camouflage.
>>>> He holds a white strip of cloth so as to show his wish to
>>>> speak and not battle. "Hello Ladies, and Knights, I come to
>>>> speak though I am unsure if indeed you are the ones I am to
>>>> speak with." He looks to each of them.
>>>> [/GM]

>> [GM]
>> The knights go for their guns.
>> [/GM]

>>> [Ted]
>>> Ted regards the newcomer cautiously. "Greetings, friend. How may
>>> we help you?" he asks.
>>> [/Ted]

>>> [Justin]
>>> Justin answers the stranger "I hope so, as your only other
>>> options locally are some royally pissed off fairies and the armed
>>> forces of Lord Splynncryth. And to offer a small, helpful
>>> correction, the female form of Knight is Dame. Lady is a lower
>>> rank."
>>> In a lowered tone aside to Alex "He's lucky we know what a white
>>> flag is, that's not multiversally adopted. In some places,
>>> that's how you declare a blood feud."
>>> [/Justin]

>> [Louissa]
>> "And what will you speak to us about, stranger?" she asks, her
>> hands on her gun.
>> [/Louissa]

>> [Stranger]
>> "Such reactions to an unarmed man and one carrying the traditional
>> flag for talks. As to the fairies I have no quarrel with them
>> indeed it is the King of their kind that sent me. He told me to
>> head in this direction, that I would meet with others who may be
>> able to help against this war with Atlantis. As to the mistake, I
>> did not realize these women were indeed knights their manner of
>> clothing is different then the suits I see here from Camelot."
>> "I was sent with a sign to show, that my words are true, as well
>> as a sign to those who knew the knight from America whom the fey
>> buried."
>> "If I am allowed to retrieve it, without people pulling those
>> weapons they are so keen on hovering their hands over, that would
>> be appreciated."
>> The stranger reaches into a satchel at his side and slowly pulls
>> out his hand and opens it to show them the ring.
>> "I was told this ring was given to the fey and from them I return
>> it, as a sign of my intentions. I would like to join you if indeed
>> your battle is with the things of Atlantis."
>> [/Stranger]

>> [GM]
>> All but Justin immediately recognize it immediately as Osiris's
>> ring.
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> (to the stranger) "Most of them are not knights, as far as I know,
> stranger. But not all of the present men are knights, and you
> grouped us all together in your greeting. Mixing rank levels as you
> did could be taken as an insult, which is the last thing we need,
> given existing tensions." He pauses, then continues on a different
> topic "My family, while not at war with Atlantis, maintains very
> cold relations. I can't speak for the others intentions, but I do
> intend to give Lord Splynncryth a very bad day at some future date,
> as a complaint about the poor manners of those who serve him."
> (to the group) "Lord Coake wore a signet like that."
> [/Justin]

> [Ted]
> "So that makes this stranger a cyber-knight?" the lizard man asked
> no one in particular.
> [/Ted]

> [Justin]
> "No, but it's an interesting fact that two known cyber-knights wear
> one like it."
> [/Justin]

> [Ted]
> "So... is this Lord Coake?" the lizard man asks, his tone doubtful.
> [/Ted]

Louissa looks at the stranger.  "He doesn't really look like a 
Cyberknight." she says.  "He said the ring is a sign, I guess from those 
crazy faeries that want to blast us to pieces."

"I think the ring is Osiris's." she says.  "Alex, you would know better 
than me, is that Osiris's ring?"

She looks to the wilderness scout for an answer.

[Father Montessoro]
The priest gives the stranger a look over.  "So you know something of 
the faeries of these woods?" he asks.
[/Father Montessoro]

OOC: And I'll introduce our new player, Peter, and let him introduce his PC.

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