[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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> Justin dodges a tentacle [Strike: 17, Dodge: 25] and leaps into the 
> pool. The water is murky and agitated, but he can clearly see the large 
> teeth, some at least two feet long and on close inspection looking very 
> much like steel. Justin cannot get any appreciation of the shape of the 
> body, for its big. Maybe ten feet deeper he can see what may be an eye, 
> a large oval at least a foot wide with a large black spot in the middle. 
> He'll have to dive deeper if he wants to get a better view. 

> Victory seems near now as the other tentacles withdraw. The only 
> problem seems to be Justin, who is now trapped as tons of tentacle rush 
> into the pool pushing him down... 

OOC: Ouch. 

With little choice, Justin swims deeper. In an effort to avoid the teeth, he'll get as close to the skin of the thing as possible, moving down towards the eye-like thing. 

Assuming it is an eye, he'll swim up to it and shoot it with his cannon at contact range (gun muzzle touching the eye, muzzle angled towards the core of the body section). If it's not an eye, he'll swim deeper along the body until he finds something more promising, then shoot it at contact range, as above. 

OOC: Technically the blast is a called shot, but at that range, I can't imagine him missing... 

Dodge Rolls: 14+16=30, 9+16=25, 3+16=19. 
Strike Roll: 17+22=39. 
Damage Roll: 50. 
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