[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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ooc: Does Justin have a radio? If not, she will try telepathy

"Justin, I can lower a line or give help?"
Her rifle is still pointed towards the creature

She is also look into if jumping in might help.

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> [Justin]
> With little choice, Justin swims deeper.  In an effort to avoid the 
> teeth, he'll get as close to the skin of the thing as possible, moving 
> down towards the eye-like thing.
> Assuming it is an eye, he'll swim up to it and shoot it with his 
> cannon at contact range (gun muzzle touching the eye, muzzle angled 
> towards the core of the body section).  If it's not an eye, he'll swim 
> deeper along the body until he finds something more promising, then 
> shoot it at contact range, as above.
> [/Justin]
> OOC: Technically the blast is a called shot, but at that range, I 
> can't imagine him missing...
> Dodge Rolls: 14+16=30, 9+16=25, 3+16=19.
> Strike Roll: 17+22=39.
> Damage Roll: 50.

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