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OOC: Justin has a radio, but radios have channels. Secure radios use encrypted transmissions sent on only parts of multiple channels, switching according to an algorithm. What makes the radio secure is you only give people you trust the algorithm and code key your radio is set to. While Justin has a radio, nobody ever gave him the keys to the group's private communications (no time as yet). So any transmission Alex directs only to the group won't be heard by Justin...but his radio IS mil-spec, and it will scan for unsecured transmissions nearby, if any are sent. Likewise, anything Justin sends to the group is going to be broadcast in the clear, for anyone nearby to pick up, until someone gives him those keys. I'm assuming Alex knows all this (even if the player wasn't aware), and I'll assume she 
broadcast that query. 

Justin radios back "There's a cave down here, and the tentacles are blocking the entrance. I'm going deeper in hopes it doesn't crush me against the walls, and looking for the thing's brain. My armor is reinforced for deep ocean exploration, as long as it's just water pressure, I'm fine. I'll die of starvation before I run out of air, if it comes to that." 

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ooc: Does Justin have a radio? If not, she will try telepathy 

"Justin, I can lower a line or give help?" 
Her rifle is still pointed towards the creature 

She is also look into if jumping in might help. 

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With little choice, Justin swims deeper. In an effort to avoid the teeth, he'll get as close to the skin of the thing as possible, moving down towards the eye-like thing. 

Assuming it is an eye, he'll swim up to it and shoot it with his cannon at contact range (gun muzzle touching the eye, muzzle angled towards the core of the body section). If it's not an eye, he'll swim deeper along the body until he finds something more promising, then shoot it at contact range, as above. 

OOC: Technically the blast is a called shot, but at that range, I can't imagine him missing... 

Dodge Rolls: 14+16=30, 9+16=25, 3+16=19. 
Strike Roll: 17+22=39. 
Damage Roll: 50. 

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