[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Back Together] Book 3 - Chapter VI - Down Another Rabbit Hole

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>> [Alex]
>> Alex fires another burst at the tentacle that has Lady Frost
>> [Strike: Natural 20!]
>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Alex's perfect shot strikes the tentacle about mid-way down its
>> length [Damage: 140MD!]. It literally severs the tentacle, the half
>> with Lady Frost held fast falls to the ground with a loud
>> "whumph!". The other half, spraying dark green blood all over the
>> place, quickly retreats back to the pool. There is a screaming roar
>> that shakes the cavern.
>> Victory seems near now as the other tentacles withdraw. The only
>> problem seems to be Justin, who is now trapped as tons of tentacle
>> rush into the pool pushing him down...
>> [/GM]

> [Justin]
> With little choice, Justin swims deeper. In an effort to avoid the
> teeth, he'll get as close to the skin of the thing as possible,
> moving down towards the eye-like thing.
> Assuming it is an eye, he'll swim up to it and shoot it with his
> cannon at contact range (gun muzzle touching the eye, muzzle angled
> towards the core of the body section).  [Strike: 39]
> [/Justin]

Justin's shot pretty much obliterates the eye.  The water around him 
begins to fill up with a dark blue fluid that quickly obscures his 
vision and leaves him running on his multi-optics.

A tentacle immediately goes to strike Justin [25], but Justin dodges 
[Dodge: 30].  Still, he's forced to go deeper.

> [Alex]
> "Justin, I can lower a line or give help?" Her rifle is still pointed
> towards the creature
> She is also look into if jumping in might help.
> [/Alex]

> [Justin]
> Justin radios back "There's a cave down here, and the tentacles are
> blocking the entrance. I'm going deeper in hopes it doesn't crush me
> against the walls, and looking for the thing's brain. My armor is
> reinforced for deep ocean exploration, as long as it's just water
> pressure, I'm fine. I'll die of starvation before I run out of air,
> if it comes to that."
> [/Justin]

> [Alex]
> "Do you need anybody down there, I can swim at least," Alex radios
> back.
> [/Alex]

> [Justin]
> "This thing has teeth that would make a dragon jealous. Be glad all
> you had up there was the tentacles. Besides, you'd have to jump into
> the tentacles to get down here."
> [/Justin]

> [Lady Frost]
> Without hesitating Frost dives under the water, swimming for Justin
> as fast as she's able. Once within sight of him, she lets loose with
> her power, attempting to create a bubble of ice under and around
> Justin to protect him from the nearby tentacles as well as providing
> him buoyancy to bring him back to the surface of the pool. [Strike: 8]
> Having him drown because of her fairly disastrous attempt at
> attacking would not be a good end to the day.
> [/Lady Frost]

> [Justin]
> Justin will apply one of his dodge rolls to evading the crazy
> person's attack, assuming she gets through the mass of tentacles
> between him and her. [Dodge: 25]
> [/Justin]

Lady Frost's ice bubble fails to surround Justin, and by his motion, she 
can tell he does not want it around him, as he moves out of the way of 
it.  But both of them are in for bigger problems, as more tentacles 
strike at the both of them [Strikes: 26 and 20 (not natural)].  Another 
tentacle smashes Lady Frost's ice bubble to pieces.

Neither Justin [Dodge: 19] or Lady Frost [Dodge: 19] can get out of the 
way in time and suddenly find themselves in an iron grip and being 
plunged at great speed downward...

Meanwhile, for everyone on the surface, the tentacles have all gone into 
the water.  Both Justin and Lady Frost have yet to surface, and the pool 
is literally roiling and spilling over, and turning a very dark shade of 
blue.  Moments later, bits of ice start surfacing as well.

[Little Girl/Thing]
The little girl who was following Ted out of the side-passage points at 
the pool and laughs.  "The Grimla'ar has got them.  This should be fun."
[/Little Girl/Thing]

Louissa shouts "What do we do?  If we shoot into the pool we might hit 

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