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OOC: Actually, he was telling the truth about deep ocean exploration. When stripping out the parts that make it powered armor, the dwarven armorers back home added some capabilities. One is a depth tolerance far beyond the norm for SAMAS, though it's worth noting that part of the effect is having an MDC wearer; An SDC human in the suit would have a much shallower crush point (of course, given the weight of it, an SDC human would have severe problems just standing up in it). He's not QUITE able to swim down and say "Howdy" to the Lord of the Deep, but he could get within cannon range. Out of his armor, since there isn't any depth tolerance data for an MDC human, I used the one for Sea Titans from Underseas (he'd have to hold his breath if he tried it though). 

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> > Justin's shot pretty much obliterates the eye. The water around him 
> > begins to fill up with a dark blue fluid that quickly obscures his 
> > vision and leaves him running on his multi-optics. 
> > Neither Justin [Dodge: 19] or Lady Frost [Dodge: 19] can get out of the 
> > way in time and suddenly find themselves in an iron grip and being 
> > plunged at great speed downward... 
> OOC: I find myself wondering how deep the hole goes, and what crush 
> depth is for someone with Underwater Abilities? As long as the tentacle 
> doesn't breach his suit, Justin is fine. 

OOC: I don't have the info on SAMAS depths in front of me (maybe it's in 
Rifts: Underseas), but as Justin was several hundred feet below the 
water when he met most of the party, I'd say he's got a ways more to go 
before he has to worry about crushing depths. He does, however, have to 
worry about crushing tentacles... 

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