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Vesper secures the box to him so it would not be lost or shaken free. He then says to Justin, "I might need your help
I know a little about swimming but that current looks very strong."
He was prepared to let anyone who wanted to assist him do so as well as offer a hand up once they made it to drier ground.

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>> [Justin]
>> Justin waves him on. "Hurry up!" he shouts over the roar of the water.
>> "We want to find her fast!"
>> [/Justin]

>> [GM]
>> Vesper is forced to run through the stinking water, which proves hard,
>> as the water gets deeper. Various pipes flow in
>> from the sides and above, pouring in filthy stench-laden water and...
>> other things. Vesper soon catches up to his companions, and the three
>> of them, and two very filthy dogs, make their way down the stinking
>> sewer.
>> Finally the passage makes a big looping turn and then they are at the
>> opening. Below them is large chamber, perhaps two hundred feet in
>> diameter, into which several tunnels like the one they are in empty in
>> to. The illumination is a few dim electric lights, but it's enough to
>> allow them to see that there is a good fifteen foot drop to the fetid
>> pool below. Each of the incoming tunnels has a number in Roman
>> numerals, from I to XVIII. Passage XVIII is the largest, and is an
>> outgoing tunnel, three or four times as big as the one in which they
>> stand. The current looks much stronger below.
>> [/GM]

> [Ted]
> The lizard man checked the e-clip on the weapon and then slung it
> over his shoulder. "Most obliged," he said to Oz.
> "No sense in dawdling," the lizard states. He follows Vesper.
> [/Ted]

> [Oz]
> Oz drops into the sewer behind the others, glad to be wearing his
> sealed environmental body armor. Even through his air filters he was
> getting a whiff of the stink- he didn't want to imagine what it
> smelled like without filters. And even the deepest dirty, disgusting
> water was no big deal when you had an internal air supply.
> In the dim light, the German man showed that he had some experience at
> blending into shadows- no doubt gained from his knowledge of hunting
> and stalking. He looked for clues as to the direction of their quarry.
> [/Oz]

Oz easily becomes a shadow-like presence. Between the dark tunnel, the
rushing water and his impressive skills, it takes a clever eye to
catch him. By the time Oz is in the tunnel, only the faintest traces
of the yellow ichor can be seen, and seem to offer the best trail to

[Sir Prrcyvel]
Sir Prrcyvel also drops down into the sewer, keeping a close eye on
Ted. If he sees Oz, he does not acknowledge it.
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

Two palace guards follow Sir Prrcyvel down, and they too seem rather
intent upon Ted.

> [Vesper]
> Turns to Justin, "I have some black iron not much a spear point, who is
> our best in close fighter ?"
> [/Vesper]

Justin shifts around in his Japanese-styled SAMAS armor. "You'd best
keep it. Maybe we can force the thing into a corner and you can
deliver coup de grace."

Justin turns to Alex. "Well, you're the scout. Where did they go?"

As Justin and Vesper speak, the others arrive. Ted, then Oz (though no
one sees him), and then Sir Prrcyvel and the two guards.

> [Alex]
> Alex is going to do her best to guesstimate which way to go and she will
> look to see if Louissa left any clues.
> [/Alex]

There are no obvious signs. Any trail has been eradicated by the
flowing water. It seems reasonable enough that they must have jumped
down into the main pool. The current is very strong, and getting to
the other sewers flowing into this pool would be difficult, requiring
swimming against the currents and climbing up to the openings. The
main outflow, the largest tunnel labeled "XVIII" would certainly be
the easiest, but also the most obvious.

The light is terrible here, but Alex thinks she can trace the faintest
bit of yellowish fluid on the wall on the largest tunnel. But she'll
need to get closer to tell for sure, and soon enough the spray from
the water will remove even that trace.

"I can probably best withstand the current." Justin says. "I can jump
in and help any that need it. Remember, Ted was also very strong, so
I'm sure he could have gone through any of those other tunnels."

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