[Taocow PBEM] [Everyone Together] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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>>> [Oz]
>>> Oz descended the rope with surprising skill, leaving his suit sealed
>>> against the smell and possibly dangerous chemicals in the water. He
>>> followed after the others, keeping his eyes open for danger.
>>> [/Oz]

>>> [Ted]
>>> ~There's a grate moved out of place down here~, the lizard man
>>> broadcast telepathically to his companions.
>>> [/Ted]

>> [Sir Prrcyvel]
>> Sir Prrcyvel whistles to his men to dive. He turns to Oz and the
>> others. "Alright then, maybe we've got a good clue here. Me and my men
>> will follow Ted."
>> [/Sir Prrcyvel]

> [Oz]
> The German nodded at Sir Prrcyvel. "Right behind you, old man."
> [/Oz]

> [Vesper]
> Looks to the others no evil within range of my spell, I say let us
> follow the slime that Alex found. It's our best lead."
> He accepts any help and follows the others. When if he recieves
> word from Ted about the grate he looks to see if it is the
> same direction Alex indicated.
> [/Vesper]

It is not the same direction. The grate is under the water and must
lead down, whereas the slime Alex spotted is along a large waterway
that must be the main outflow for this part of the sewer system

> [Ted]
> Ted surfaces from his underwater recon. "There's a grate recently
> pulled free from the floor down here. I can't see the bottom, but the
> ooze might be a ruse," he reports.
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> "Could be either way, wish we had a real psychic to help find her."
> [/Alex]

Justin seems torn between letting Alex and Vesper go on their own, or
going with Oz and Ted.

"My armor is probably too big for that grate." he shouts. "I'll go
with you, Alex. Everybody, let's keep radio contact.

OOC: Still not sure which way Vesper is going, but this is my
understanding: Ted's group will include Osmar, Sir Prrycival and his
men. Alex's group will include Justin and (I think) Vesper, though
Vesper's player can clarify. So I'll do separate posts to keep
everything straight...

Aaron Clausen
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