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"Justin you ok ?" Vesper casts a globe of daylight to see better into the whole that Justin indicated.
"Hmmm well the hole would seem to be easier to go then through those blades.

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The current is powerfully strong here, like a raging river, and in
short order Justin, whose customized SAMAS armor is more than
sufficient to the challenge, is hanging on to the other two to keep
them from being swept away.

The tunnel is long and wide, with many smaller tunnels and pipes
dumping water and other... things... into the water. As they move they
can see a light somewhere ahead. Slowly it becomes clearer.  It
appears to be large electric lights, but between them and the light is
a large spinning set of blades on a wheel. Perhaps the function is to
chop solids into tiny pieces. There is a sort of brick and concrete
shelf right by the blades, large enough to fit a few people, but there
is no one on there.

Alex recalls the sense of fear that she had telepathically picked up
from Louissa. This must have been the source. The blades show no signs
of damage, so it doesn't look like they were forcibly stopped. But
neither does it look like there are any controls to stop them. If
Louissa passed that way, at the very least her armor would have taken
a beating, if the blades didn't outright chop her to pieces.

At that moment Alex and Vesper feel Justin stumble.

"Hey!" Justin says. He stops and begins probing the bottom with his
feet. "There's a big hole here, right at my feet, and it goes down as
far as I can stretch my feet down. Louissa either went down that, or
through those blades."

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