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>> [GM]
>> Perhaps he is tired, or the walking in circles has muddled him
>> somewhat, but the nature of the anomaly escapes him. However, he is
>> able to determine that the center of the anomaly is to his right. The
>> problem may be that the nature of the anomaly means that he and Alex
>> cannot simply walk in a straight line that direction. If only he could
>> see the pattern of the mystical energies. Though it is wearying, he
>> tries again, but with no better sense. He simply cannot fathom the
>> pattern of energy.
>> As Vesper meditates, Alex keeps watch. Not that there is very much to
>> keep watch of. The fog seems strangely unchanging; no breeze of any
>> kind, no shifting of the mists. There's only the vague electric-like
>> feeling of mystical energies beyond the scope of her own powers. The
>> blade at her side seems to pulse.
>> And then Alex sees something... or rather nothing. There's a vague
>> nothingness, circular or orblike in shape. It moves right and left,
>> sometimes back and then forward; receding to a pinpoint and then
>> increasing in size. It seems to be walking a strange pattern, but is
>> growing closer. As it grows closer, Alex can hear what might be the
>> sound of boots on the ground. By Alex's guess, as good as it can be,
>> perhaps it will be near them in a minute or so.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> The Coalition Ranger will activate the various optics on her helmet to
> see if she can discern anything through the clouds. Otherwise, she will
> see if the telepathy can sense anything.
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "I'm not getting anything." He shakes his head and stands up.
> "I know to our right is the center of this anomaly but heading straight there
> will just get us lost. There is some method to this particular dimension."
> He looks around shouldering his rifle again.
> [/Vesper]

Vesper too sees the strange orb-like bit of nothingness and its
erratic maneuvering.

Alex zeroes in on the strange orb, and it shows a human-like body
shape and heat signature, though the fog is too thick for regular
visual confirmation. The orb itself appears to have a very cold heat
signature, at least -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Upon the next close approach, the figure can be glimpsed. It looks to
be a human (sex indeterminate), perhaps five foot six, carrying
something on its back and holding what might be a lantern in which the
strange orb-like apparition is contained. The person is also running
very fast, even if his or her progress seems very slow.

The figure is now coming very near, and as it approaches, suddenly the
mist seems to be driven away around Alex and Vesper, and they can see
that the figure is a young woman, and on her back is twins. She is
holding a lantern that is the cause of this effect, and they can also
see the path the woman is following as clear as day.

She looks at Alex and Vesper, cries out and begins to run faster, the
lantern's "light" quickly fading with her. In moments, Alex and Vesper
will be plunged back into the fog.

Vesper looks at Alex confused then to the figure, "Wait we mean you no harm.
Were not here to hurt you please wait up." Vesper looks to Alex, "She can drive 
back the fog and perhaps knows the way in this strange place."
He looked to Alex for confirmation she would follow and tried to reach the woman.

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