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>Vesper looks at Alex confused then to the figure, "Wait we
            mean you no harm.
>Were not here to hurt you please wait up." Vesper looks to
            Alex, "She can drive 
>back the fog and perhaps knows the way in this strange
>He looked to Alex for confirmation she would follow and
            tried to reach the woman.
Confusion seems to reign these days. 
Alex responds, "If you think it best we follow her although she
    might be scared of my armor."
One thing with the way things are is not take off her armor.
"Still, that beach is sounding better and better."

"I would never ask you to take off your armor." a few moments later, "When there is danger around." he added.
"You can count on that beach trip, I promise." 
Vesper followed the woman seeing which way she went and wondering about the lantern the woman had and how it 
seemed to effect the fog.
"Alex do you suppose it is light that clears away the fog ? I cant imagine the heat from that lantern being enough but perhaps
that is one of the ways this place is different."

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