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>> [GM]
>> Vesper too sees the strange orb-like bit of nothingness and its
>> erratic maneuvering.
>> Alex zeroes in on the strange orb, and it shows a human-like body
>> shape and heat signature, though the fog is too thick for regular
>> visual confirmation. The orb itself appears to have a very cold heat
>> signature, at least -50 degrees Fahrenheit.
>> Upon the next close approach, the figure can be glimpsed. It looks to
>> be a human (sex indeterminate), perhaps five foot six, carrying
>> something on its back and holding what might be a lantern in which the
>> strange orb-like apparition is contained. The person is also running
>> very fast, even if his or her progress seems very slow.
>> The figure is now coming very near, and as it approaches, suddenly the
>> mist seems to be driven away around Alex and Vesper, and they can see
>> that the figure is a young woman, and on her back is twins. She is
>> holding a lantern that is the cause of this effect, and they can also
>> see the path the woman is following as clear as day.
>> She looks at Alex and Vesper, cries out and begins to run faster, the
>> lantern's "light" quickly fading with her. In moments, Alex and Vesper
>> will be plunged back into the fog.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper looks at Alex confused then to the figure, "Wait we mean you
> no harm. Were not here to hurt you please wait up." Vesper looks to Alex,
> "She can drive  back the fog and perhaps knows the way in this strange
> place." He looked to Alex for confirmation she would follow and tried to
> reach the woman.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Confusion seems to reign these days.
> Alex responds, "If you think it best we follow her although she might be
> scared of my armor."
> One thing with the way things are is not take off her armor.
> "Still, that beach is sounding better and better."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "I would never ask you to take off your armor." a few moments later, "When
> there is danger around." he added.
> "You can count on that beach trip, I promise."
> Vesper followed the woman seeing which way she went and wondering about
> the lantern the woman had and how it seemed to effect the fog.
> "Alex do you suppose it is light that clears away the fog ? I cant imagine the
> heat from that lantern being enough but perhaps that is one of the ways this
> place is different."
> [/Vesper]

As Alex and Vesper talk, the woman turns around. "C-c-can you help
me?" the woman says. "Our village is under attack. I have my two
girls, but m-my son, I could not find him before the creature started
to attack. I shall lead you back to the village if you promise to find
my son."

"We will try to find him, this creature what does it look like. Anything you can tell us about it
might be helpful." He reassures the woman hoping Alex will be alright with trying to find the womans son.
"What does your son look like, how old is he ?"

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