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>> [GM]
>> As Alex and Vesper talk, the woman turns around. "C-c-can you help
>> me?" the woman says. "Our village is under attack. I have my two
>> girls, but m-my son, I could not find him before the creature started
>> to attack. I shall lead you back to the village if you promise to find
>> my son."
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "We will try to find him, this creature what does it look like. Anything you
> can tell us about it might be helpful." He reassures the woman hoping Alex
> will be alright with trying to find the womans son.
> "What does your son look like, how old is he ?"
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Maybe finding Louissa and the children are in the same direction," states
> Alex
> [/Alex]

The woman proceeds to describe a large yellowish multi-tentacled
creature that sounds very much like the one that aided Loussia's
captor in escaping the company and the New Camelot Palace guards into
New Camelot's sewers back at the palace.

"My boy," she says, "he's just eight years old. Red hair, ruddy
complexion, blue eyes. He's wearing a white tunic and white pants.
Please help him. He's just a boy!" She drops to the ground and breaks
down in tears.

"We will look for him Ma'am you stay outside of the village to stay safe."
Vesper from the description tries to discern what they might be facing.

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