[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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Mon Dec 17 21:02:49 UTC 2012

>> The grenade arches up and lands behind the sniper's rock outcropping.
>> There's a loud explosion [Damage: 9MDC] and a loud shot from the
>> sniper, and then silence.
>> In the tower itself, the battle is more furious, but Prrcyvel seems to
>> be holding his own, vibrosword holding back two opponents.
>> In the middle of this chaos, off to Oz's left (eastward), there is the
>> sound of gunfire, some of it railgun fire. Oz quickly estimates
>> perhaps 750 to 1000 feet away.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz radios to his guardsman. "Get me intel on that other fight." He
> gestures in the direction of the railgun fire. "Stay under cover,
> don't engage. Radio back to me as soon as you have eyes on the other
> fight."
> [/Oz]

"Aye sir!" the man says, and disappears into forest.

> [Oz]
> He turns his attention back to the tower, sighting in on one of the
> two opponents facing Sir Prrcyvel.
> [/Oz]

> OOC: Oz will snipe whichever bad guy facing off against Sir P is
> closest to himself. He'll use as many of his actions needed to take
> the guy down, then switch to the other guy when the first guy is down.

Oz's first shot [Strike: 7] misses the window entirely and hits the
side of the tower [Damage: 60 MD]. Clearly, despite the stone-like
construction, the tower is made of stronger stuff, because while some
of the stone is blown away, a good deal remains.

Oz's second shot is much better [Strike: 22], and he hits one of Sir
Prrcyvel's opponents [Damage: 20MD]. Suddenly, the two opponents are
thrown into disarray, realizing there's a sniper. One gives up
fighting Prrcyvel and starts firing in Oz's general direction out the
window [Strike: 3], missing Oz completely.

Prrcyvel takes the opportunity to bear down on the one opponent. At
the same time Oz fires two more shots [Strikes: 20 (not natural) and
22], hitting both attackers again [Damage: 20MD and 20MD]. The
attacker by the window is not killed, but the other still attacking
Prrcyvel, obviously already having heavily damaged armor, drops to the
ground dead.

Prrcyvel leaps at the remaining attacker, grabs him and smashes his
head against the stone wall a couple of times until the man goes limp.
Prrcyvel then looks out the window and waves. "Osmar, old chap, is
that you! Come to the party a bit late, I see, but I did try to save
you a morsel or two!"

At that moment Oz's man radios to him. "Sir, it's bad. One of your
party, Sir Justin I believe his name was, he is badly injured. Best
come quick!"

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