[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> Vesper remembers the conversation between Sir Prrcyvel and Justin
>> discussing a creature named a Nakron. His knowledge of lore is good
>> enough to know that this creature the woman describes may be a Nakron.
>> Vesper recalls them to be a foul and demonic race said to be related
>> to the Old Ones, either of a lesser grouping or perhaps their
>> offspring. They were terrors in the ancient wars in the youngest days
>> of Elf and Dwarf on the world known as Palladium; shape-shifters who
>> used their mystical and psionic powers to great effect, often taking
>> on the forms of chieftains and kings that they would slay and take the
>> place of. They were said to have been eradicated from the Megaverse
>> many eons ago. Many races united together to destroy them, for though
>> they are perhaps ageless, they are not indestructible, and may be
>> destroyed by a blade made of the Black Iron of Morbidun.
>> Vesper and Alex [OOC: assuming Vesper fills Alex in on what they might
>> be facing] also remember that Vesper has a spear point in his
>> possession which was said to be made of "black iron".
>> The woman waits impatiently while Vesper fills Alex in. Finally she
>> says, greatly exasperated, "Shall I lead you to my son, or will you
>> talk of these things all day?"
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> Vesper casts a sense evil spell and looks to the woman and her children
> briefly especially after recalling that the beast was a shapeshifter.
> "Yes, take us to your son."
> [/Vesper]

Vesper senses no evil in the woman.

> [Alex]
> "We can talk as we walk," Alex responds. "We only have trouble chewing
> gum and walking at the same time."
> [/Alex]

The woman wipes her eyes, stands up and checks the lantern. "Follow
close to me." she says, and with that she heads back the way she came.

The lamp's effect is positively strange. While spacial dimensions
seemed completely out of whack when Alex and Vesper were watching her
walk towards them, under the influence of the lamps "light", they seem
to be walking in a straight line. The fog seems to part before them,
the lamp creating a circle of clarity about seven or eight feed in

Another peculiar effect is that the noises, screams and sounds of
battle become much sharper, as if they're only a short distance away.

Then, after a couple of minutes, a wide arch of stone comes into view.
Vesper and Alex can see several silver lanterns laying off to one side
of it, and beyond they thinks can spy daylight. Then they pass through
arch, and suddenly they are standing in broad daylight. Behind them
looms the thick cloud wall, looking as if it is threatening a storm.

As Vesper's and Alex's eyes become accustomed, they see a large
encampment. There are perhaps thirty tents, perhaps a dozen vehicles
ranging from a beat up but still very serviceable military transport
down to a couple of motorbikes.

And there is absolute chaos. There are bodies on the ground, some
literally torn asunder. Some of the victims are children. In the midst
of it is a horrifying creature of yellow mottled flesh and tentacles,
yellowish ooze like they had seen back in the sewers all over it and
the ground. A number of men, some badly injured, are firing at it, as
its tentacles whip around and with little effort decapitate one of

It's hard to survey the camp or the carnage. Off in the distance a
number of women are herding children towards what looks like another
arch. An old man is furiously trying to start an old jeep as a teenage
boy tries to swing a rail gun mounted on the back around to fire at
the creature. A woman is crying over a man whose legs look to have
been severed. Over by the stables a man with half his arm missing,
blood still dripping from the stump, is pointing a gun at something
inside the stables.

The sight is so horrifying that even Alex and Vesper, seasoned
adventurers though they be, are momentarily stunned.

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