[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> Oz doesn't do a terribly good job prowling. In fact, he manages to
>> step on enough dry sticks to let someone half a mile away know he's
>> coming.
>> But it does not matter. In a few minutes he sees black columns of
>> smoke and when he approaches, he sees many trees blown away or on
>> fire. There are at least two dozen bodies here, some in power armor.
>> In the midst of it he sees the guardsman leaning over the wreckage of
>> familiar Samurai-styled SAMAS power armor; Justin's power armor.
>> As Oz makes his way to the guardsman, he can see what happened.
>> Clearly a trap was laid, probably by a few men in the trees or the
>> brush. While a SAMAS would have no problem with that, clearly they
>> managed to keep Justin pinned long enough for some men in Triax power
>> armor to get on the scene. Justin clearly put up one helluva fight,
>> but there's only so much damage any armor can take.
>> Justin's power armor is devastated. One leg is missing above the knee,
>> the arm with the railgun is shorn off, though the other hand has an
>> energy rifle that Justin clearly used to keep firing once he could no
>> longer use the railgun. There's a fist-sized hole in the right side of
>> the chest of the power armor that looks like it penetrated all the way
>> through.
>> The guardsman is trying desperately to pull of the power armor off.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> On seeing the carnage, Oz picks up the pace and dashes over to help
> strip Justin out of his armor. As he does, he scans the man inside to
> assess his injuries.
> Over the radio, he reports in to Sir Prrcyvel. "Percy, one of mine
> managed to stop a heavy squad of armor over here. He's in a bad way.
> If you're secure and can possibly help- and he's going to need a
> magical intervention, I would say- I would appreciate it, old man."
> [/Oz]
> OOC:
> Possibly relevant skills:
> Paramedic- 75
> Basic Mechanics- 55
> Pilot: Power Armor would probably be the most relevant, but he doesn't have it.
> Also, Oz will be looting the crap out of that battlefield once he gets
> a chance. Thanks for the early Christmas present, GM. ;)

Oz manages to get the armor off, and it reveals the extent of Justin's wounds. His left leg has been sheared off, the right arm gone just below the shoulder. These Oz and the guardsman tie off, but his most severe injuries are to his abdomen, a blackened gaping hole far beyond Oz's meager capabilities.

[Sir Prrcyval]
"On my way!" Prrcyval radios back. "Reinforcements are coming. Hold tight, old chap!"
[/Sir Prrcyval]

Justin moans. "Must... give you... something." he says. With his remaining arm he pushes into a pocket and pulls out a letter and stuffs it into Oz's hand. With that he passes out and his breathing becomes increasingly shallow.

The letter reads:

June 3, 140 PA, Kreigerkneipe, New German Republic

Dear Justin,

I am writing this hastily, for I have only just learned that a gateway will be made available. For some time I have wanted to get word to you (well, the old you, this dimensional/time travel thing is still very confusing) of the dangers you face.

According to our mutual friend, I can only say so much because he does not want to, as he puts it, "fix a space-time event to a specific set of co-ordinates allowing other interested parties to predict temporal actions." (whatever that means exactly)

You must do what you can to help Ted Smythe. He is key to stopping the Splugorth, and to liberating southern England. He has been mortally hurt, though you may not have noticed it. But much worse, his essence has been divided, or as our mutual friend would say "His physio-electrical potential occupies multiple time-space co-ordinates."

Return to his dimension as soon as possible and make sure he does not leave on his own. He may decide to do something on his own.

Your friend,
Queen Louissa I of Poughkeepsie

OOC: Scouting around, Oz finds:
2 TX -5 Pump Pistols (Damage: 4D6MD, RoF: standard, Range: 800ft)
2 TX-30 Ion Pulse Rifle (Damage: 2D6 single shot/6D6 multiple shot, RoF: Standard, Payload: 40 shots standard e-clip, 50 shots long e-clip)
1 L-20 pulse rifle (Rifts main book pg 225)
1 NG-P7 particle beam rifle (Rifts main book pg 225)
TX-250 rail gun mounted to heavily damaged jeep (Triax pg 147)
20 full short e-clips
10 full long e-clips
2 vibroswords

Aaron Clausen
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