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>There are a number of stout-looking wooden poles nearby that might suffice.
>OOC: Going to assume that Alex and Vesper let the locals know what they need to do.
>Some of the defenders seem to rally to this news. Unexpectedly they begin running to Alex and Vesper, shouting "Help us!"
>Unfortunately so does the monster, which begins moving towards Alex and Vesper.
Alex will radio them to try to let them know what is going on.
"Well, I guess we try to fight it," states Alex to Vesper. "Get the
    feeling that this is a job for my blade again."

He nodded briefly to Alex, "Looks like it."
Vesper casts Carpet of adhesion to secure the spear head to one of these poles.
He then said to his familiar prepare to use telekinesis you know its weakness.

Before the creature got to them he tried to cast blinding flash on it to help in Alex and his attack.

Vesper set himself preparing for the creatures charge hoping to drive the spear point into it.

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