[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Oz] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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>>> [Alex]
>>> "Everybody needs to be safe," Alex responds. "Louise, Ted, do
>>> either of you have radios to check with us? Real sorry I cannot
>>> stay."
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Alex gets no reply from Ted, but Louissa replies after a moment.
>> "I'm sitting in a rather cozy apartment. I think there's a guard
>> at the door, but I'm not sure. If this is a prison, I hope I'm
>> sentenced to life!"
>> [/GM]

 > [Alex]
 > "If you are like me, be bored within a month. You did decide to join
 > us after all. Now, granted a bit of a break from being fired at would
 > not be bad"
 > [/Alex]

"I think we came to the wrong place if we wanted to stay out of the line 
of fire." Louissa say through the crackly connection. "From what I've 
heard from one the palace functionaries who just delivered me some tea, 
New Camelot is straight in line for an attack. Oh! Gotta go. Someone's 
at the door." The connection is cut.


>> [GM]
>> "You are looking for the Embassy Street." she says. She points up
>> the road. "It is past the palace, and first street to the right. I
>> believe the Ambassador of Poughkeepsie's is at Number 5. If you like
>> I can escort you."
>> [/GM]

 > [Oz]
 > Oz nods. "That would be quite welcome. Thank you, Lady."
 > [/Oz]

Lady Amathea nods and smiles.


>> [GM]
>> The guards nod, and swing open the doors, beckoning the company
>> inside. The inside of the embassy is lushly decorated, with red
>> carpets, wood paneled walls, a chandelier of silver and crystal
>> above. A wide spiral staircase leads up to the next floor.
>> One of the guards instructs "Wait here." and then goes to a side
>> door, knocking loudly. A moment later an old man in a suit appears.
>> The guard speaks to him quietly and he nods in return.
>> The man approaches the company. "I understand you have a message
>> for his Eminence. Might I inquire as to what it pertains?"
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German man again gawks like a tourist, looking at everything
> from the guards to the windows, doors and floors. He nods at the
> older man. "We were recently in the company of Louissa Peters. Her
> companion is being held by the king's counselor Mrrlyn and the Lady
> Louissa volunteered to stay with him in detention so that he would
> not feel abandoned. She bade us come here and relay this news to her
> embassy."
> [/Oz]

> [Alex]
> "I was asked by Ms Louissa to come here," Alex responds, waiting for
> the shock in the old man's face.
> [/Alex]

The man does seem shocked by Alex and Oz's revelation.

"Lady Louissa Peters..." he says. "Mayor Ivar Peters daughter? The one 
that we had just got word two weeks ago was presumed dead? Oh my! I 
shall get His Eminence at once!"

The man runs off towards a side door as quickly as decorum will allow. 
He's clearly talking to someone, there are hushed and urgent tones.

Finally the man reappears, his composure somewhat restored. "His 
Eminence will meet you in the drawing room. This way please."

He leads Alex and Oz to another side door, a large and elegantly carved 
one, and opens it up to reveal a large and well-furnished room. The 
chairs are covered in red cushions. There are several couches of similar 
material. Another chandelier lit with several dozen bulbs hangs from the 
high ceiling.

The man claps his hand and in moments another, younger man in similar 
dress appears. "Heinz, see to the Ambassador's guests. The Ambassador 
will be here momentarily.

Heinz bows low and after the other man has departed looks to Oz and 
Alex. "You look travel worn. Perhaps you are in need of refreshment. 
Could I get the master and madam a drink?"

Before they even have a chance to answer, a tall, proud man appears. He 
is dressed in full dress military uniform, which does not entirely hide 
a tall, gangly frame. His hair is black with streaks of gray, with a 
proud face, the lines of age now appearing.

He bows. "I am Sir Lewis Elmwood, Ambassador for King David the Second 
of Poughkeepsie. I know you by sight, Mr. Wolz. And you must be Alex 
Hawke. Don't be too surprised, I am kept apprised of the comings and 
goings of my kingdom as often as is possible, and the name of one of the 
people who spirited Lady Louissa away is well known. Her disappearance 
has caused considerable disturbance in the kingdom, as she is betrothed 
to king's youngest son, Prince Clarence."

"Now tell me more fully, why is she and one of your other companions 
being held by Master Mrrlyn?"

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