[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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> He bows. "I am Sir Lewis Elmwood, Ambassador for King David the Second of
> Poughkeepsie. I know you by sight, Mr. Wolz. And you must be Alex Hawke.
> Don't be too surprised, I am kept apprised of the comings and goings of my
> kingdom as often as is possible, and the name of one of the people who
> spirited Lady Louissa away is well known. Her disappearance has caused
> considerable disturbance in the kingdom, as she is betrothed to king's
> youngest son, Prince Clarence."


The German had been a bit more circumspect about looking around at things
in the ambassador's study, but he was not hiding his interest in everything
from the books on the walls to the uniforms the men wore. He turned to face
Elmwood when the man entered and gave him a proper Germanic bow when the
ambassador named him, complete with clicked heels.

At the news Alex had stolen Louissa away from her home, he gave her an
appraising look but said nothing.


> "Now tell me more fully, why is she and one of your other companions being
> held by Master Mrrlyn?"

"Lord Mrrlyn did not deign to share his reasons with us, lord ambassador.
He stated that he regarded one of our companions to be a threat to king and
country and announced his summary detention. Lady Louissa did not want to
leave Ted- that is his name, m'lord- alone in detention and volunteered to
stay with him until such a time as he was freed."
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