[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VIII - New Camelot

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>> [GM]
>> Justin and Oz follow Sir Prrcyvel as he runs down the hall and through
>> the kitchen to the loading bay. Vesper is there, and Alex is further
>> ahead, ready to fire. They can see a vehicle stopped dead in the
>> middle of the courtyard, and the shimmering of an energy field right
>> in front of it. A number of guards are running towards the vehicle and
>> the gate is closing. From their vantage they can't really see who is
>> in the vehicle.
>> [/GM]

>> OOC: So just to recap, Oz, Justin, Vesper and Sir Prrcyvel are now at
>> the loading bay, while Alex is further ahead scouting and preparing to
>> fire if necessary. Find a rough map attached.

> [Oz]
> "Justin, let's make sure the gate is blocked off in case they get out
> of that truck." Or if the truck was just a distraction, but he doesn't
> say that out loud. It's what he would've done, anyway- get everybody
> looking at the truck and make a run for the gate while it was
> unguarded.
> Oz, both guns in hand, runs to reinforce the gate guards.
> [/Oz]

Justin nods in agreement, and he and his hounds join Oz as they sprint
to the gate.

> [Alex]
> Since the car seems stopped, Alex will come charging towards it, rifle
> at ready.
> [/Alex]

Alex gets a better look at who is in the vehicle, and to her
amazement, it looks very much like Ted driving, and it is clearly
Louissa, with an odd, almost apologetic look on her face. And, sitting
in the back seat, is that strange little girl they had picked up back
at the ancient dwarf fortress.

As Alex, Oz and Justin run forward, the vehicle lurches into reverse,
and then makes for the gate again, attempting to avoid Vesper's energy
field. The gate doesn't look like it will close in time, though the
sound of several emergency vehicles can be heard approaching.

Vesper rolls his eyes really ?
He casts another energy field the gate to help protect the portion that is not yet closed.
Not placing it in the way but before the gate so the gate can shut.
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