[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Oz] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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>> [GM]
>> The Ambassador pushes a button on the phone. "Heinz, get two of my
>> guards out front and escort our guests to the palace gates."
>> He turns back to Alex and Oz. "Can either of you confirm or falsify
>> this claim of such a relationship? She is betrothed to a member of
>> my kingdom's royal family, after all."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> As usual, the visiting German had shown a great deal of interest in
> everything they passed, even looking on interestedly as the ambassador
> dialed the wizard's residence. At the ambassador's question, though,
> he has to shake his head.
> "My apologies, ambassador, but I have only recently made the Lady's
> acquaintance. I know nothing about this Talas person you mention."
> [/Oz]

> [Alex]
> "As you might know, I served in the Coalition rangers. There was
> always somebody getting into a relationships with somebody else.
> Learned not to pay attention. If there was one, I did not notice
> one," Alex states.
> In her mind, somebody's affairs are their own business. The whole
> idea why it would be any concern anyway seemes just silly to her.
> [/Alex]

The Ambassador gives Alex a long, hard look, but finally nods. "Very 
well." he says. "You deliver good news, m'lady. The people of New 
Poughkeepsie will be greatly heartened to hear that the Lady Louissa 
lives and has not been sullied."

Heinz knocks on the door, and with him are two men in military uniform. 
"The guards are hear to escort our guests."

"Ah, excellent." the Ambassador says, standing up. He offers both Oz and 
Alex his hand, and seems somewhat friendlier now. "If you need anything 
during your stay in New Camelot, do not hesitate to send me word. I bid 
you both a good evening.'

With that Alex and Oz are escorted out of the Ambassador's residence and 
back towards the palace. Only a few people are out and about now, as it 
is quite late. As they approach the gates, several guards in full 
military regalia stand at attention as Alex and Oz approach. Standing 
among them is a young man, quite dashing in appearance, in long cape and 
wide-brimmed hat, though glistening armor can be seen underneath.

"Oswald, old chap," he says, embracing Oz, "it is good to see you. Had 
enough of that fat old Baron I see." The man turns to Alex, and bows 
deeply. "And who is this with you." he says, sweeping off his hat and 
bowing even lower before kissing Alex's hand.

"I am Sir Prrcyvel, a knight of New Camelot and close friend and adviser 
of the King, when I'm not carousing with scoundrels like dear Oswald 
here." He is an intensely charming man, as Oswald fully knows.

He is putting his hat back on when suddenly an alarm sounds from within 
the palace.

"Good gods!" Sir Prrcyvel shouts, sweeping out a vibro-broadsword. "An 
invader in the palace. Oz, I'll assume you can vouch for your lady 
friend, so let's be about it!"

Without waiting he dashes into the palace.

OOC: Do the two of you go with him?

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