[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Oz] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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The red haired ranger nods at the knight, "I will help is I can."
While she does want to help, getting in the good graces of the hosts is 
a good idea. Besides, maybe it will give her a chance to get paid and 
raid their armory.

On 03/07/2012 15:27, Aaron Clausen wrote:
> [GM]
> The Ambassador gives Alex a long, hard look, but finally nods. "Very 
> well." he says. "You deliver good news, m'lady. The people of New 
> Poughkeepsie will be greatly heartened to hear that the Lady Louissa 
> lives and has not been sullied."
> Heinz knocks on the door, and with him are two men in military 
> uniform. "The guards are hear to escort our guests."
> "Ah, excellent." the Ambassador says, standing up. He offers both Oz 
> and Alex his hand, and seems somewhat friendlier now. "If you need 
> anything during your stay in New Camelot, do not hesitate to send me 
> word. I bid you both a good evening.'
> With that Alex and Oz are escorted out of the Ambassador's residence 
> and back towards the palace. Only a few people are out and about now, 
> as it is quite late. As they approach the gates, several guards in 
> full military regalia stand at attention as Alex and Oz approach. 
> Standing among them is a young man, quite dashing in appearance, in 
> long cape and wide-brimmed hat, though glistening armor can be seen 
> underneath.
> "Oswald, old chap," he says, embracing Oz, "it is good to see you. Had 
> enough of that fat old Baron I see." The man turns to Alex, and bows 
> deeply. "And who is this with you." he says, sweeping off his hat and 
> bowing even lower before kissing Alex's hand.
> "I am Sir Prrcyvel, a knight of New Camelot and close friend and 
> adviser of the King, when I'm not carousing with scoundrels like dear 
> Oswald here." He is an intensely charming man, as Oswald fully knows.
> He is putting his hat back on when suddenly an alarm sounds from 
> within the palace.
> "Good gods!" Sir Prrcyvel shouts, sweeping out a vibro-broadsword. "An 
> invader in the palace. Oz, I'll assume you can vouch for your lady 
> friend, so let's be about it!"
> Without waiting he dashes into the palace.
> [/GM]

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