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"Oh Bugger me!"
Miles looks in shock as the insanity he created gets out of hand.
Looking to those in need. Miles leans down and picks up the woman in a
fireman's carry and makes his way to the exit.
"Hold on, this may not be comfortable but I'll get you out of here."

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  >> [Enemy #3]
  >> The third intruder, already hit by Lykos and now by Thodin, seems
  >> completely unaware of the damage to his armor. He whips off his
  >> tattered and burning jacket and revealing what looks like a whole
  >> lot fusion blocks stuck to his side. His left hand moves to press
  >> something on his right arm.
  >> [/Enemy #3]

  > [Miles]
  > Miles summons what energy he can to create a wall of fire in front
  > of as many of the intruders as he can. He concentrates on making the
  > heat so intense it not only obscures the intruders view of him and
  > his companions but also in hopes to mess with their aim and any
  > sensors they may have. Doing this Miles yells:
  > [/Miles]

The wall of flame seems to do the trick, though it scares the hell out
of everyone else in the chamber. None of the enemy can be seen now.

However, the wall of flame has also obscured what exactly the man with
the fusion blocks strapped to him was about to do... That is, until the

It tears through the cavern with its own fireball, which combines with
Miles to create a truly awesome, but devastating firestorm. And then the
ceiling starts to cave in. Chunks of the ceiling, some several feet
across and weighing tons come smashing to the ground.

Sir Gregory Fent, their brief host, shouts out "Everyone retreat to the
emergency exit! Go go go!"

He turns to the the party. "The emergency exits lies that way." he
points into the cloudy, smoking, dusty depths of the cavern, where
already some men are running... or crawling. "I will join you shortly."

With that Fent disappears himself into the dusty air. It is now becoming
quite inhospitable, on top of falling rock the air has has become hot
and stale. The fires are almost dead now, showing just how little oxygen
is left.

The man and the injured woman that they rescued from the Splugorth
minions look to them. "We do not wish to die here. Can you help us again?"

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