[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Oz] Book 3 - Chapter VII - New Camelot

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>> [Sir Prrcyvel]
>> Sir Prrcyvel cries out. "Oy! What madness is this!" He leaps
>> forward, though unsure what to do, and then notices one of the men
>> in the middle of the attack, a tall, handsome man with a noble
>> bearing.
>> "The King!" Sir Prrcyvel shouts. "The King is being attacked."
>> With a single bound he leaps into the fray.
>> [/Sir Prrcyvel]

>> [GM]
>> For Alex and Oz it's still almost too hard to see what exactly is
>> going on. The noble-looking man can be seen fighting bravely, but
>> within moments he disappears. There must be at least two dozen
>> knights attacking him and a small group of perhaps no more than
>> five or six.
>> And then both Alex and Oz notice something very strange. Above a
>> brightly-lit chandelier, just out of view is something glowing
>> whitish-blue. It's almost impossible to make anything out other
>> than some sort of creased flesh, almost like that of brain matter.
>> It's full shape cannot be seen from the ground.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German man pulls a pair of guns- one a long barreled pistol
> [Strike: 3] and the other a shorter pump pistol [Strike: 16] - and
> begins firing into the backs of the men who seem to be attacking the
> knights defending the king.
> [/Oz]

The first shot from the long barreled pistol goes awry, but the shot 
from the second hits a target [Damage: 10MD]. The man, his armor now 
visibly damaged, doesn't even seem to notice. It's as if all he can 
fixate on is the King.

> [Alex]
> The Red haired ranger activates her force field and draws her blade.
> She yells, "Something on the ceiling." With her left hand, she will
> fire her cartridge pistol at the glowing creature. [Strike: 2]
 > [/Alex]

Alex's shot goes nowhere near the glowing creature.

> [Alex]
> If her pistol dodge not do any good (as I expect) and there is a way
> to get up to it, she will charge up towards it, swinging her
> enchanted blade.
> [/Alex]

Alex sees a tall ladder about fifteen feet away. At the bottom is the 
broken body of a man in overalls laying in a pool of blood, still 
clutching a squeegee. She makes a dash for it and no one stands in her way.

Meanwhile, Oz fires again, and this time [Strikes: 14 and 21] with much 
better luck. One strikes the man he already hit [Damage: 18MDC], leaving 
the man's armor little better than rags. The other hits another attacker 
[Damage: 22MDC], and again, though it damages his armor, he takes no notice.

Alex is still climbing up the ladder as Oz makes his third attack 
[Strikes: 13 and Natural 20!]. The shot from his long pistol strikes a 
short-haired woman in armor [Damage: 38MDC], leaving her armor little 
more than tatters, whereas his pump pistol finishes the first attacker 
[Damage: 11MDC], cutting him in two.

Alex is finally at the top of the ladder and sees hiding in the 
chandelier a disgusting, repellent sight; one of the terrible floating 
brain things, the gemstone set in the midst of the two hemispheres 
glowing brightly. She also sees two others, fixated on the action below.

Alex takes a strike at it [Strike: 1 critical failure], but misses, and 
worse, the ladder twists beneath her. At the last possible moment she 
manages to grab the chandelier [Strike: 27] before the ladder falls, but 
now finds herself dangling by one hand from a swinging chandelier, her 
knife in the other.

Oz is momentarily distracted by a loud crash from behind him, and sees a 
tall ladder fall to the ground. Above he sees Alex dangling from a 
chandelier, and, as awful as it looks, what is clearly a floating brain 
turning its attention to her. He also notices about four or five of the 
attackers suddenly stop attacking the King and stand there looking very 

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