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Vesper casts energy field as a firing wall he can use for cover while blasting away at the now obviouslly hostile brain things.
He maintains fire on one trying to drop it before switching to a new target.
"Get yourself someplace safe barber !"
Rolls to strike with energy rifle
18 +3 =21 If hit damage is 6d6 MD = 21
12 +3 = 15 if hit damage is 6d6 MD = 19
reseving other actions to check on the barber and for defensive actions.
The energy field can take 60 MDC.

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> [Justin]
> Justin nods to Ted, and steps out into the hall, closing the door
> behind him, standing guard.
> [/Justin]

As Justin walks outside, he sees something of this scene from some distance down a wide hallway.

There's little time to get involved, as two guards turn a corner and point their guns at Justin.

"Drop all weapons and identify yourself immediately!"

>> [GM]
>> ...
>> Alex takes a strike at it [Strike: 1 critical failure], but
>> misses, and worse, the ladder twists beneath her. At the last
>> possible moment she manages to grab the chandelier [Strike: 27]
>> before the ladder falls, but now finds herself dangling by one hand
>> from a swinging chandelier, her knife in the other.
>> Oz is momentarily distracted by a loud crash from behind him, and
>> sees a tall ladder fall to the ground. Above he sees Alex dangling
>> from a chandelier, and, as awful as it looks, what is clearly a
>> floating brain turning its attention to her. He also notices about
>> four or five of the attackers suddenly stop attacking the King and
>> stand there looking very confused.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> Holding on with one hand, Alex stabs at the floating brain with the
> blade in her other hand [Strike: 20 not natural].
> She is also desperately hoping that the chandelier holds up.
> [/Alex]

With amazing deftness and strength, Alex swings over and plants the blade into the brain. An oddly harmonic chord sounds forth as the brain-thing begins to shrivel like the other one she had destroyed in the underwater base. She feels her whole body go numb as the blade digs itself in [Damage: 22MDC].

> [Oz]
> The German frowns and unloads his pump pistol at the floating brain.
> He shouts over his shoulder in the direction of the melee. "Sir
> Prrcyvel! I believe this creature is controlling the king's
> attackers!"  [Strikes: 11, natural 20, 10].
> [/Oz]

Oz starts blasting at the brain-thing [Damages: 13, 32, 13MDC=58MDC]. The brain spins around, yanking Alex, still holding the blade that is digging into the brain-thing, from the chandelier.

The creature crashes to the ground, torn to shreds. Alex, on the other hand, is almost glowing, the glow brightest in the hand holding her blade.

Meanwhile, Sir Prrcyvel, having heeded Oz's warning, and with almost inhuman dexterity, spots one of the other brains, leaps several feet into the air and begins to battle it.

In short order the chaos in the chamber has turned to an odd silence, as the attackers seem utterly disoriented and confused. Their attacks wooden and ineffectual.

The King is able to punch his way to the edge of the fray.

"Hurt no more of these men!" he cries. "They are under a spell. Constrain them and bind them, and Lord Mrrlyn will attend to them and learn the means by which they were ensorceled.

The King catches sight of Justin down a hall. "And who is that?" he shouts. "It does not look like anything of Splugorth manufacture."

"Now, have at the rest of these brain things!" he shouts, opening fire on another one.

As this area is quieter, a battle outside the palace can be heard. A man races in. "Alas, we are beset by rebels!"

Alex and Oz can see through the front doors more soldiers battling with each other. Clearly there are more brain things about.

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