[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter VIII - New Camelot

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>> [GM]
>> The lizard man finds himself almost completely immobilized. Still, his
>> physical strength is such that the legs manage to shift slightly.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Oz doesn't look too worried when the lizard man jerks his legs. It's
> possible he didn't even realize the lizard man intended to attack him.
> [/Oz]

>> [GM]
>> The king then turns to Vesper, Oz and Alex. "He is in your hands. Be
>> quick about it. I must have the truth as to what happened to your
>> companion."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> The German man stands and bows to the King. "We cannot keep him here
> on the floor, your grace. If you do not intend to imprison him, may we
> have a quiet, secure room in which to interrogate him? One from which
> he could not escape if he managed to get free, your grace?"
> [/Oz]

"Take the lizard man to the dungeons." the King commands. He turns
back to Oz. "Do what you must."

Ted is lifted none too gently on to a stretcher. Clearly none of the
King's guard is buying the "temporary insanity" defence. They make
their way down the hallway, flanked by two dozen guards.

About halfway down the hall the lizard man begins to show great
distress, but the guards do not give his companions time to comfort
him and carry him on through several more passages before arriving at
iron doors. The doors open to reveal a long wide staircase that leads

Finally, after going down what must be two hundred feet or more they
are obviously in the dungeons; an odd mixture of high tech sensor
equipment and Medieval brick. They march past several rows of cells,
towards another door with a sign that reads "High Security Detention -
ID Badges Required".

This door reveals a row of cells made of thick megadamage steel bars,
with odd patterns drawn in the floors and ceilings of the cells. There
are six cells in total, three are currently occupied; one by a raving
man in a loincloth with tattoos all over his body who shouts "I shall
bring the Moon down upon thee! Worship me! Worship me!" He grabs at
his tattoos but other than a slight spark, they produce no noticable

The next cell is occupied by a very large humanoid, at least nine feet
tall; handsome with a kindly face who looks upon the company. "I have
been imprisoned wrongly." he says. "Please let me go free and your
reward will be rich."

The third cell is occupied by a tall man who, even in his loincloth,
appears to be of noble bearing. His eyes are piercing and cold, and if
he is interested in the company at all, he does not betray it.

The company is lead to the sixth cell, which is large enough for Ted
and his companions. Two guards remain inside the cell, and the rest
post themselves close by.

> [Oz]
> Once they have a destination, Oz gestures at two of the armsmen
> standing around. "Could you carry him for us? He shouldn't be much
> trouble. And I would feel better if we had guards in case he gets
> loose."
> [/Oz]

> [Alex]
> Shaking her head, Alex grabs the neural grenade she fired at Ted.
> She will do a quick careful telepathic scan of his mind so see if
> she can figure out what is going on.
> At least this kind seems less autocratic than Emperor Karl
> Prosek for the stories she has heard.
> [/Alex]

Alex can only sense fear and confusion, nothing surprising
considering. Still her dagger tries to pierce deeper, but it as if the
door is shut and the deeper thoughts cannot be sensed.

> [Ted]
> "Justin... Justin...," the lizard man gasps. "Make them stop."
> [/Ted]

Justin looks disquieted and distrustful. His two dogs flank Ted,
awaiting only his command to pounce.

"We're trying to help you." he says. "Can you tell us what happened.
Why did you try to kill the king?"

A moment or two later the King and Sir Prrcyvel appear. "Well, let us
see what you can do." the King says. "Mrrlyn has been alrerted, though
why he is not here now I find a little disturbing."

They also notice for the first time that Louissa is not among them.
She had gone with Ted when he had been first taken into custody but
she is nowhere to be seen.

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