[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> One of the guards, a fellow named, Simons, is somewhat familiar with
>> the woodland, so leads Oz and the other guard take the west path. The
>> path wends its way along side the stream.
>> It crosses the stream again about a quarter mile up from where Oz and
>> the rest of the party split up, and here there are the remains of an
>> old cabin, the roof caved in but the log walls still standing.
>> The path continues on along the stream, but there's also a narrow
>> path, perhaps a deer trail, that leads past the old cabin and
>> southward. There's a bit of black muck and mud at the start of the
>> deer trail, and here they find what looks like at least two, possibly
>> three boot prints.
>> The guards look to Oz. "Shall we continue along the main path, or try
>> out this narrow one?" the guards ask.
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> He gestures at the boot prints and the deer trail, then the cabin. In
> spite of his gestures he says- loudly enough to be heard by someone
> hiding in the cabin- "Let's keep on down the main path."
> Oz then gestures for the soldiers to follow him and starts moving
> silently down the deer path, rifle raised as he advances on the ruined
> cabin.
> [/Oz]

The guards nod, and fall in behind him. The mud, while making going a
little harder, has the advantage of somewhat muffling their footsteps.

When they are within about ten feet of the cabin, one of the guard
signals, pointing at the cabin. They can just make out a couple of
armored figures, their armor covered in mud, watching the main trail,
one with binoculars, the other with a energy rifle. They are looking
almost in the opposite direction to where Oz and the guards are coming
from. But they won't get much closer without having to step on to
drier land and alerting the two people in the ruined cabin to their

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