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>> [GM]
>> ...
>> As they progress, Justin in his armor finds the going much tougher,
>> and it forces them to slow down. Justin is unwilling to leave his
>> armor behind, so he brings up the rear at an ever increasing distance
>> from his dogs, Alex and Vesper.
>> As they make their way up the path, Vesper gets flashes of an odd
>> feeling, a somewhat familiar "scent" of some sort of dimensional
>> change ahead, getting stronger as they move up the side of the gully.
>> To get more information will mean stopping to get a better sense of
>> what it might be.
>> Above them some small chunks of shale fall down the side of the gully,
>> falling in front of their path. Alex's Sixth Sense goes off. There is
>> danger nearby, and they are in a dangerous spot, with a sheer drop
>> about forty feet to the bottom of the gully on one side, and a wall of
>> rock above them, the top not visible.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "Someone is working with dimensional energies. Possibly a rift or
> working a teleportation or summoning magic."
> [/Vesper]

Justin nods. "I've seen that before. Best be cautious, though."

> [Alex]
> Quickly, Alex loads a camera grenade into her grenade launcher and fires
> it straight up
> Using the optic down link, she checks to see what is around, paying
> special attention to see if somebody is on the cliffs above her but also
> seeing if there is any sign of Louissa in the distance.
> [/Alex]

The top of the cliff wall comes into view. Two, no make that three
people in armor are creeping along the edge of the cliff, staying just
out of sight of anyone beneath. Two have guns drawn and is holding a
long black tube, perhaps six inches in diameter, three feet long with
some sort of cartridge on the end of it.

The grenade keeps going up, and more of the land above the cliff can
be seen. There a few trees, and then what looks like a fog bank comes
into view. It seems to stretch for a mile or two in a semi-circle,
although whatever is inside it cannot be seen.

"They definitely know we're here." Justin says. "I think maybe one of
us should head back a bit, see if there is another route up. I don't
know what that hollow tube is, but I don't like the possibilities. And
Vesper, do you know anything about that fog bank?"

That fog bank could be a spell to disguise what is going on or it could be that it is coming out of that dimensional disturbance
that I felt. Sometimes things do slip through rifts. 

He looks to Alex to see what she may have gotten from the grenade.

If she shares about seeing those men up there. He will create an energy field like an umbrella over him and his friends when they get close incase it needs to take the hit better it then them.

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