[Taocow PBEM] [Oz] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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Tue Nov 13 21:42:02 UTC 2012

OOC: None are wearing uniforms. They all have different types of
armor; mostly Triax, but different models. The boy is wearing armor,
but it looks like someone got one good hit on the chest.


On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Karl Prosek <karl.prosek at gmail.com> wrote:
> OOC: Is the boy armored? Does he wearing the same uniform as the other three?
> On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 4:17 PM, Aaron Clausen
> <mightymartianca at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>> [Oz]
>>>>> Over the encrypted guard channel he gave his two soldiers a terse
>>>>> "Ready positions and hold for green light." i.e.- get into position
>>>>> and stay there until I tell you to go. Oz briefly wished he'd had
>>>>> better trained backup- any unit he'd been associated with would have
>>>>> had a hand signal for that so they wouldn't have had to risk even the
>>>>> encrypted transmission being picked up.
>>>>> [/Oz]
>>>> [GM]
>>>> The guards give an equally terse "Aye" Oz can see them crouch down,
>>>> quickly checking their e-clips and awaiting his order.
>>>> [/GM]
>>>>> OOC: He pulled out his TA-12 Triax Laser Rifle (aka the Triax version
>>>>> of the JA-12).
>>>>> He wants his guards to stay on the mud until he tells them to go.
>>>>> Basically, he wants to keep the element of surprise for as long as
>>>>> possible.
>>>> [GM]
>>>> Oz sees one of the men in the ruined cabin begin to turn. Any moment
>>>> now he is going to be looking right at one of Oz's men.
>>>> [/GM]
>>> [Oz]
>>> Oz murmurs "Green, green, green," into his helmet mic as he sights on
>>> the turning guard and pulls the trigger.
>>> [/Oz]
>> [GM]
>> Oz fires at one of the man, misses his head [Strike: 11], but hits him
>> full on the chest [Damage: 70MD]. The man's armor is all but
>> vaporized, and he is killed instantly.
>> Oz's men take advantage of the confusion generated by the killing to
>> close the distant. In seconds they are over the walls of the house. In
>> the time it takes Oz to make it to the ruined house, the two soldiers
>> have entered the ruins. Oz comes over the walls to see the soldiers
>> under his command locked in hand to hand combat with three enemy
>> combatants (the fourth is lying on the ground, dead from Oz's shot).
>> The fourth is a little more than a boy, perhaps fourteen years old. He
>> sees Oz and fires a shot from a laser pistol [Strike: 7]. which Oz
>> manages to dodge out of the way of [Dodge: 15].
>> [/GM]
>> OOC: Okay, so Oz's men are grappling with two of the defenders, and
>> the third, a boy, has just fired at Oz.
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