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> [GM]
> As the two adventurers talk, they make their way over the stony
> ground. Here and there are a few stands of trees. They have a
> reasonably good vantage point, and behind them can see New Camelot in
> the distance, though the air is oddly hazy. For the first time it
> seems strange to them that this high hill wasn't noticeable as they
> approached the forest in pursuit of Louissa.
> In front of the two, however, is the oddest sight of all. As they
> approach, the fog bank looms larger and larger, until they are
> standing right in front of it, and it looms high into the sky. The
> feeling as they get closer is almost electric, like a buzzing. Vesper
> can definitely sense a major dimensional anomaly of some kind, though
> while the fog bank is substantial, it still appears to be a mist, and
> not a solid feature.
> Somewhere within the fog bank, though it sounds miles away, can be
> heard gunfire and screams.
> [/GM]
"Why is it always dimensional portals?"

Vesper turned to Alex with a smile, "Didn't you say you wanted to travel ?"
He crawls over the rocks switching his rifle to thermal and looking around in the fog.
"We should stick close so the fog doesn't split us up."
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