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>Vesper turned to Alex with a smile, "Didn't you say you
            wanted to travel ?"
>He crawls over the rocks switching his rifle to thermal and
            looking around in the fog.
>"We should stick close so the fog doesn't split us up."
Shaking her head, "So you think we should go through the fog?"
After a moment she states, "I guess but I don't like this. I would
    have preferred adventures on foot or maybe my long lost bike."

"Yes, something is going on in the fog, and I will be able to tell you as we get closer to that dimensional rift so we don't get too close. Well we are on foot right now, I am pretty sure we should be able to get you a new bike. I miss my hoverbike as well."
He let his familiar wrap about his arm and taste the air with it's tongue to help sense things in the fog.

"I will try to take you nicer places once we find Loissa. A nice sunny beach with clear water would be nice."
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