[Taocow PBEM] [Alex and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter X - The Quest For Louissa

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>> [GM]
>> Once the two companions are in the fog, it proves almost impenetrable;
>> visibility of no more than about three or four feet. Both Vesper and
>> his familiar can "smell" magic at work, and even Alex, via her dagger,
>> can sense a strong emanation. But it isn't exactly directional; as
>> soon as they step into the fog, the sensation is all around them.
>> The sounds of screams and gunfire become somewhat more distinct, but
>> also seem to be coming from all around them. There's almost an
>> auditory hallucinatory quality about the fog. Even there own footsteps
>> seem to echo back at them from all around.
>> So far as they can tell, the ground is still normal, rock strewn
>> ground. It's bad enough that they find themselves stumbling at points
>> due to loose rocks or an unexpected rise or drop in the ground. At one
>> point they find themselves in a shallow gully with a trickle of water,
>> the ground sloping up enough on the other side that they are forced to
>> proceed on all fours.
>> After about ten minutes, their whole world is nothing but fog and
>> rocky ground. It gets even worse when they find themselves crossing
>> the small creek in the shallow ravine a second time at almost the same
>> place and in the same direction! They don't even remember crossing
>> back over the creek at some other point.
>> If there is an "even horizon" to this dimensional anomaly, it doesn't
>> seem any closer than it was a few minutes ago. They can still hear the
>> fighting, and it still seems to be coming from all around.
>> [/GM]

> [Vesper]
> "Alex, I am going to try and go into a brief meditation not long. We need
> to get a stronger idea of this anomaly. Shake me out of it if you need to ok.
> Hopefully I will be able to get a better understanding so we don't wander in
> circles." He waits for her reply before proceeding planning on meditating
> the few minutes to get a much better understanding of this possibly
> pocket dimension.
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> Looking around, Alex states, "Sure, I can stand guard for a few minutes."
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "Thanks Alex, I will make it quick." He proceeds with meditating focused
> on the dimensional energies fabric and reality about them to learn all he can.
> [/Vesper]

Perhaps he is tired, or the walking in circles has muddled him
somewhat, but the nature of the anomaly escapes him. However, he is
able to determine that the center of the anomaly is to his right. The
problem may be that the nature of the anomaly means that he and Alex
cannot simply walk in a straight line that direction. If only he could
see the pattern of the mystical energies. Though it is wearying, he
tries again, but with no better sense. He simply cannot fathom the
pattern of energy.

As Vesper meditates, Alex keeps watch. Not that there is very much to
keep watch of. The fog seems strangely unchanging; no breeze of any
kind, no shifting of the mists. There's only the vague electric-like
feeling of mystical energies beyond the scope of her own powers. The
blade at her side seems to pulse.

And then Alex sees something... or rather nothing. There's a vague
nothingness, circular or orblike in shape. It moves right and left,
sometimes back and then forward; receding to a pinpoint and then
increasing in size. It seems to be walking a strange pattern, but is
growing closer. As it grows closer, Alex can hear what might be the
sound of boots on the ground. By Alex's guess, as good as it can be,
perhaps it will be near them in a minute or so.

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