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"I don't know Justin, do we free him or not ? He might be able to help but at the same time he
might just be trying to save his skin."

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>>> [Alex]
>>> The scout whispers to Justin, "I don't like slaves."
>>> She will walk straight up to the guards however and state, "I am looking
>>> for two individuals. I am hoping that you have seen them. I am on the
>>> king's business."
>>> She will describe them if they don't act too hostile or seem to be able
>>> to help
>>> Otherwise, providing that there are no problems, she will look for some
>>> kind of trail.
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> One of the men looks quizzically at Alex and her two companions. She
>> notices that their odd little friend is nowhere to be seen.
>> "Ain't see no one by that description, ma'am." one of the guards says.
>> "Been busy with this desperate lot. Been flooding into the city since
>> before dawn. This lot is bandits, hiding out in the woods yonder and
>> robbin' these folk. Maybe the folks you're looking for ran up against
>> their mates. Under the lead of a no good bastard named Bill Jones. If
>> he met up with your mates, aye, I'd say you'd best get shovels, cause
>> all you're gonna be gettin' back is their corpses, stripped o' even
>> the gold fillings."
>> The guards do not seem to have much else to say and soon leave the
>> chained man in the with one guard.
>> One of the chained-up man leans over in Alex's direction and beckons
>> her to approach.
>> "Mebbe I see your friends." says one fellow, a grim looking man with
>> an eye patch over one eye and a cybernetic eye in the other socket,
>> and a face scarred with two crosses carved into one cheek. "Mebbe I
>> see a lizard man and a pretty lady in Palace guard's uniforms, runnin'
>> across that field towards those woods."
>> "Mebbe I have, an' mebbe I knows how t' help 'em." he continues. "But
>> if I rot in a New Camelot prison, certain I won't say nothin' about
>> it. Up to you."
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> As soon as the guy suggests that she needs to get him free, she uses
> telepathy to eves drop to see what he is thinks. She is not a great
> 'actress' but can at least school her features.
> [/Alex]

The surface thoughts of this man are not hard to read. Alex senses his
desire to be free, and his fear of New Camelot justice. She sees a
young woman, maybe 25 years old, with three children and, by the looks
of it, a third on the way. She also sees an image of a tall man,
handsome features with long flowing blond locks of hair and an
eyepatch over one eye. She also sees some less palatable things; a
plump man in rich fabrics against a wall begging for his life before
his head explodes from gunfire, shadowy men creeping over a rise to
peer down on a caravan of vehicles.

"What is it, Alex?" Justin asks. He turns to Vesper. "I do not think
we can wait much longer. We are already behind Louissa, and whoever is
with her. We need to move soon."

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