[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Justin and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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>> [GM]
>> As the three adventurers and Justin's dogs plunge down the hole, they
>> can see where a grate has been moved aside. But moments later they are
>> heading down. There is a vague light, perhaps twenty feet down what
>> amounts to a large circular shaft.
>> The end of the underwater shaft is a rough opening that leads to
>> another narrower passage that tends upwards. They burst to the
>> surface, finding that passage ends at a small square chamber, perhaps
>> ten feet by ten feet and six feet tall. There are bits of refuse
>> around. In one corner are some very ratty old wet blankets, color
>> uncertain, that look like they've been arranged to make a bed. Here
>> and there are empty tins of food, and in another corn is a neat stack
>> of unopened tins.
>> Along another wall is a metal wheel and beside it is a door, partially
>> opened. Beyond that is a straight passage lined in bricks that heads
>> upwards. The wheel itself is still wet and dripping. It appears that
>> someone who was very wet turned the wheel and opened the door not very
>> long ago. To confirm it, there are wet splotchy footprints, too wide
>> it would seem for a normal human, along with regular sized footprints,
>> possibly from boots, all heading up the brick-lined passage.
>> [/GM]

> [Alex]
> "I don't know if she has been here but I think the best option is to
> follow the foot prints."
> She also asks her dagger telepathically, /Do you sense anything. Yes, I
> will come up with a name for you but just been so busy./
> [/Alex]

> [Vesper]
> "Sounds like the best plan to me as well." Vesper followed along.
> [Vesper]

"That's got my vote as well." Justin says, and he walks over to the
wheel and turns it until the door opens wide enough for him to get
through. "Let's go." he says, plunging into the passage..

The passage leads steadily upwards. Here and there can be seen
discarded items; ancient and rather odd-looking gas masks, flasks,
flashlights and helmets. They are clearly pre-Rifts, and pre-Rifts by
some period of time, too. Not look very advanced and all look very
very old.

Finally the path takes a sharp right, and now they are in what looks
like a large, square concrete bunker. More ancient artifacts can be
found; remains of guns and ammunition. There are lockers, but they
look like they've been looted. The end of the bunker is a heavy metal
door, jammed closed by tables, chairs, large chunks of concrete;
whatever was available.

Some of the junk has been pushed aside, and it reveals a concrete
stairway, pitted, worn away in places, and the top half covered by an
ancient cave-in. Even from a distance, it is clear that the dirt has
recently been misplaced.

And that's when the three see a very odd creature push through the
dirt of the cave-in and start creeping down the stairs. It is a very
awful looking creature, generally humanoid, but amphibian in form,
with long arms and legs ending in webbed hands and feet. The skin is
dark green with bulbous extrusions, and the face is wide and flat,
with wide mouth, thick pale green lips and, oddly enough, rather human
looking eyes.

The creature is singing to itself. "Third eye sees, third ear hears...
third eye sees, third ear hears... What does third eye see? What does
third eye hear."

The creature hasn't seen the three adventurers yet, but it soon will
as it is almost at the bottom of the stairs. It stops and begins to
sniff, and sniff some more.

"Something not right..." it says.

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