[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Justin and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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Vesper looks to Justin, "Could mean a doppleganger, or perhaps a shapeshifter pretending to be Ted, 
Possessing entities have been known to pretend to be who they posses. Any number of things pretend
to walk as men or d bees."

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On 09/12/2012 16:17, Aaron Clausen wrote:
>> [Vesper]
>> "Were not here to hurt you Glef, we just want to ask you some questions.
>> Who is third eye ? and have you
>> seen anyone besides us down here recently ?"
>> [/Vesper]
> [GM]
> Glef seems to calm down a bit. "Me has third eye, see what can't be
> seen. Me has third ear, hear what can't be heard. Third ear tells me
> secrets, like you be Vesper, and that Alex, and that Justin, and nasty
> dogs be Poby and Deem. Third eye says you chasing something bad, but
> it gone, gone away from King's city. Can't see or hear more about it."
> "I help Ted and Louissa." Glef says. "They want out of King's city. Go
> far away, save Ted from bad illness that kill him. I help them leave."
> The creature then begins to sob. "You not like what else I tell you.
> No no no. Third eye shows evil stranger; Ted but not Ted. Two Ted's,
> one Ted, one not Ted. And third ear, it say if Ted die, then Engeland
> turn evil Splugorth realm."
> The creature falls to the floor, sobbing and crying. The three
> adventurers can't get any more out of it than "Third eye shows...
> third ear says..."
> [/GM]
> [Justin]
> Justin shakes his head. "What does this strange creature mean by 'Two
> Ted's, one Ted, one not Ted'? And where did it take them?"
> [/Justin]
"I don't know, I was just a private in the CS army. I would like to talk 
to her however," Alex states. "Can you help us find her. She is my 
friend and I worry about her."
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