[Taocow PBEM] [Alex, Justin and Vesper] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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>>>> [Justin]
>>>> Justin shakes his head. "What does this strange creature mean by 'Two
>>>> Ted's, one Ted, one not Ted'? And where did it take them?"
>>>> [/Justin]

>>> [Vesper]
>>> Vesper looks to Justin, "Could mean a doppleganger, or perhaps a
>>> shapeshifter pretending to be Ted, Possessing entities have been known
>>> to pretend to be who they posses. Any number of things pretend
>>> to walk as men or d bees."
>>> [/Vesper]

>> [Justin]
>> "So where's the real Ted, and where's the... not-Ted?" Justin asks.
>> [/Justin]

>>> [Alex]
>>> "I don't know, I was just a private in the CS army. I would like to talk
>>> to her however," Alex states. "Can you help us find her. She is my
>>> friend and I worry about her."
>>> [/Alex]

>> [GM]
>> Glef stops crying. "Friend?" he asks. "Friend of Louissa? Friend of
>> Louissa is friend of mine!"
>> Glef leaps to his feet. "Must be careful. But you follow me, up
>> stairs, through dirt. I point you where she and Ted go!"
>> He runs back towards the stairs, then turns. "You coming? Show you
>> where Louissa and Ted go! Come come come!"
>> [/GM]

>  [Vesper]
> "Radio the others they might be with the fake Ted !'
> He then followed Glef, "Yes, were Louissa's friends."
> [/Vesper]

> [Alex]
> "Yes, please, show us where," responds the red headed
> wilderness scout. She is not real comfortable in these
> tunnels but what does one do.

Justin nods, turns on his transmitter to high power to compensate for
the underground environment. "Oz, Sir Prrcyvel. Lizard man may not be
Ted. Repeat. Lizard man with you may not be Ted."

The frog-man leads the three companions and the two dogs up the
stairs. After a few feet, they find themselves in a cave-in of loose
and recently disturbed earth. Glef urges them on, and they find
themselves digging through loose soil. Justin takes the lead and with
ease creates enough of a passage that the company is through in about
fifteen minutes.

They pop their heads through the last bit of soil, and find that they
are in a small stand of oak trees, devoid of their leaves [OOC: it's
winter]. To the south, through the trunks of the trees, they can make
out the north wall of New Camelot. The wall is about three hundred
feet away.

To the west, perhaps fifty feet, is a large pipe that feeds into a
river. This is probably the end of the sewer, though the water doesn't
seem to give off a powerful odor.

To the east of them is a wide road that runs north-south, ending at a
high gate in the wall. Even at this early hour there is traffic on the
road. In fact, a lot of traffic. There must be thirty vehicles,
everything from jeeps to trucks to even a couple of ox-drawn carts.
The people look tired and scared, and several New Camelot soldiers are
walking up and down the road. It looks as if there has been a ruckus
recently.  A truck and a wagon have been overturned, and it looks like
they were struck by gunfire.

The company sees several people in chains, with about a dozen city
guards surrounding them, one of them shouting out "... and these are
your rights in the Kingdom of New Camelot. Any questions?".

To the north this stand of trees ends at a wide open field, and beyond
is another thicker stand of trees. Beyond that, in the distance, can
be glimpsed fields and villages.

"I left them here." Glef says. "Me not know where they went, but Third
Ear says north, far from city." He eyes the guards in the distance
nervously. "Me like to leave now, okay?"

Justin surveys the area. "Well..." he says, looking to Vesper and
Alex. "Any idea where they might have gone?"

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