[Taocow PBEM] [Ted, Osmar, Sir Prrcyvel and Guards] Book 3 - Chapter IX - The Sewers

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>>> [Oz]
>>> The German man emerges from the dark and nods. "Very well. Let's go
>>> find our companions. Perhaps they've had better luck."
>>> [/Oz]

>> [Sir Prrcyvel]
>> Sir Prrcyvel nods and then starts leading the way back.
>> [/Sir Prrcyvel]

>> [GM]
>> At that moment, there's a burst of static on Sir Prrcyvel and Oz's
>> radios. It sounds like their companion, Justin, "Oz... Sir Prr...
>> Lizard man .... .... be Ted. Repeat. Liz... .... not be Ted."
>> [/GM]

> [Oz]
> Though it wasn't planned, the fact that Oz had kept his helmet on and
> his visor closed this entire time made it easy for him to send a
> message over the radio without anyone overhearing. Specifically, he
> used the guard channel for New Camelot's soldiers, which he assumed
> Sir Prrcyvel and the soldiers were monitoring. He would've used a
> laser link if he'd known Prrcyvel had a receiver capable of catching
> the signal, but he figured this was secure enough.
> "Did you lot catch that? Sounds as if Justin doesn't think Ted here is
> Ted. We need to watch him on our way out."
> [/Oz]

[Sir Prrcyvel]
Sir Prrcyvel looks over at Oz and nods, but says nothing. On an open
channel he tells the two guards who have gone exploring "We're at a
dead end, meet us back at the main pool."

Sir Prrcyvel turns to Ted. "After you, Mr. Smythe."
[/Sir Prrcyvel]

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