[Taocow PBEM] Book 3 - Chapter XI - All Together Again!

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>> [Jacek]
>> Jacek leans in very closely, but does not touch her. After a moment he
>> says "This body appears dead. But what does that mean, for
>> supernatural creatures?"
>> Jacek turns to his men. "Edvard, fetch the can of diesel from the ATV.
>> Blackear and Stevens, take a lantern and fetch some wood. Be quick
>> about it. I'm sure our new friends have no desire to stay here any
>> longer than they have to."
>> [/Jacek]

>> [GM]
>> The three men quickly set about their assigned tasks. Louissa looks on
>> hopelessly to Ted and Alex, but both seem heavy in thought.
>> A few minutes later, a fairly good pile of dead dry wood has been
>> gathered, and the pile has been soaked with diesel.
>> [/GM]

>> [Thodin the Dwarf]
>> Thodin looks on in horror. "Friend Miles," he says to his companion,
>> "they are going to burn that child!" The Dwarf's hand reaches almost
>> instinctively for his energy pistol.
>> [/Thodin the Dwarf]

>> [GM]
>> One of the Borg's men is faster to the draw, and his energy pistol is
>> out and pointed straight at the Dwarf. "No no no." the man says.
>> "Jacek 'ere's gonna burn a devil, just like the Knight Commander
>> promised."
>> [/GM]

>> [Jacek]
>> "If there are no further objections," Jacek says, "let us get this
>> deed done." He leans in to lift the girl...
>> [/Jacek]

> [Alex]
> "Ted, I really think you need to say something," Alex states quietly but
> just loud enough for others to hear.
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> Yes, but what? the lizard man replied telepathically.
> [/Ted]

> [Alex]
> /Tell about the trap you are in,/ Alex responds. /Tell that you are
> under a sickness which she threatened you with./
> [/Alex]

> [Ted]
> "Stop!" Ted orders and he moves closer to the rear of the ATV. "I cannot
> let you do this. My life is in the hands of this creature. Somehow, I have
> been poisoned and only this girl knows how to find the anecdote. If you
> kill her, it will only be a matter of time before I will die. I know it sounds
> strange, but let her go. Please."
> [/Ted]

[Jacek the Borg]
The Borg stops dead in his tracks. "Halt!" he orders his men in an icy
metallic growl.

Jacek turns to Oz. "Well, Knight Commander, this is a wrinkle. I
demand justice, he demands whatever medicine this... thing... can
provide. The life of a lizard man against the lives of those lost in
my village."

Jacek turns to Ted. "How would you weigh in on it, Lizard Man? Your
life has no meaning for me."
[/Jacek the Borg]

> [Miles]
> A confused look crosses Miles' face. He looks at the new party, the events
> unfolding before him and then to Thodin.
> 'Friend Thodin", Miles whispers, "We best wait a moment, these are armed
> men and we have little in way of arms or power. Let us wait, not act. If the
> moment arises that action is needed I will be with you my friend."
> Miles takes a slight defensive stance just incase he needs to act.
> [/Miles]

Thodin nods. "You have the wise of it, Friend Miles." he replies unhappily.

> [Alex]
> Speaking up with what she had heard others whisper, "Could one of those
> magic trees help him?"
> [/Alex]

The dwarf looks at the wilderness scout. "You speak of millennium
trees." he says. "They do have healing powers, I have seen that with
my own eyes. But I do not know where the nearest one is."

[Jacek the Borg]
"I do." the Borg says. "The nearest is some eighty miles north of
here, as the crow flies. Perhaps a hundred by the roads."

Jacek seems to think for a moment. "I have a proposition for all of
you." he says. "I will guide you personally to this tree. We will take
the girl, or beast, or whatever it is. The Millennium Druids are wise
in many arts, and perhaps they can heal the lizard man, and guide us
in how to dispose of that girl."

"The condition of my guiding all of you is that our sorcerer bind this
girl in a mystical cage. She receives no food, no sustenance, and none
shall communicate with her. I will leave it in the hands of the Druids
to judge her and dispose of her."

"Will you agree, lizard man?" the Borg says to Ted. He turns then to
Oz. "And you, Knight Commander, will you give the King's consent, as I
am now the King's servant?"
[/Jacek the Borg]

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